Thomas Aquinas Argument

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Aquinas Thomas Aquinas was a well-recognized philosopher and theologian whose main interest was to teach and share with everyone the importance of religion and the existence of God. As he was a theologian, Aquinas main focus was church. His work was popular during the Scholasticism era, which was the peak of the medieval church. Aquinas principal working tool was the way he explained his arguments based on reasoning of his own. With the help of reasoning, Aquinas could conclude God’s role in this world and in the lives of everyone. As well as reasoning, Aquinas used truth in his philosophical ideals to obtain a more asserted answer to the question, “does God exist?” and how can it be proved that he does. Aquinas presented 5 different arguments…show more content…
Aquinas presented the idea of things having different levels of goodness. One thing has to be better than another thing. For example, in the classroom not everyone gets A’s in the assignments. Some people are better at studying than others, some are better with responsibilities than others. There might be someone who is better at soccer, while a different person is better at basketball. That is how this world works. There must be a balance between the best and not so best. As Aquinas said “some things are found to be better, truer more excellent than others” (Melchert, 273) Not everyone can be the best, what would be the point of living in a world where you cannot overcome yourself. In his argument Aquinas uses fire as an example. Fire is the hottest thing in this world, anything that is hot had to come from fire. Fire, as his explanation portrays, is the best feature while other things are not as good as fire is, they are still related to it. They have different level of goodness but they are still connected to each other. Therefore, there is always something that will be better than us, humans, something better than animals, something better than fire and that is God. Compared to God, we are in the lower level of goodness. He is just the best and we come after him. He is the greatest example of the best thing, of perfection. Nothing or no one can be compared to his level of
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