Wildfire Essays

  • Wildfires In America

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    continues to spread without notice waiting to take someone’s life as it goes. Wildfires spread across the country burning millions of acres. Additionally, wildfires damage homes and businesses leaving behind high repair costs. An individual can have an impact on the fight against wildfires. Some ways to impact the fight is to become a firefighter or ranger. Even though wildfires in America leave detrimental effects, wildfires greatly benefit America through the creation of emergency plans, the increase

  • California Wildfires Effects

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    Wildfires can destroy entire habitats of plants and wipe out life over miles of land. Once these fires clear large areas of vegetation the loss of plants can heighten the risk of significant erosion and landslides. In sudden rainfall these cleared areas become

  • Persuasive Essay About Wildfires

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    claims that, “The staggering 2015 Alaska wildfire season may soon be the state’s worst ever, with almost 5 million acres already burned” (Mooney). In states like California, Alaska, Colorado and many others Every year they experiance hundreds of thousands of acres go up in flames. Killing thousands of trees and animals and destroying hundreds of homes and even sometimes people. I can’t help but wonder what are the best approaches to ending Wildfires? Wildfires is something that you can’t just end but

  • The Cause Of Wildfires In The United States

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    effects that wildfires have on every worldwide country really has left its mark on the land. As written by world renowned wild fire spokesperson Smokey the Bear, “Every year, wildfires sweep through parts of the United States setting wilderness and homes ablaze. On average these raging infernos destroy about four to five million acres of land a year. But in 2012, wildfire burned more than 9.3 million acres, an area about the size of Massachusetts and Connecticut combined” (n.d 2013) Wildfires have been

  • The Effect Of Forest Fires In California

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    uncontrolled blazes fueled by dry underbrush, wind, and weather. In the matter of seconds. wildfires can burn acres of land and destroy everything in their paths. For a wildfire to burn there needs to be three conditions present, fire fighters call it fuel, oxygen, and a heat sources the “The fire triangle.” Any type of fuel is flammable material circling a fire, this includes brush, grass, trees, and fragile homes (“Wildfires Dry, Cold, and Windy”). Forest fires affect people in a lot of ways, shapes and

  • Essay On Prescribed Fire

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    clearing out debris that could be hazardous if a wildfire were to occur. This does not come with out it 's faults, sometimes the fire becomes to big to handle and they become near misses or wildfires. Prescribed fires are great for the ecosystem and the overall well being of forests. They make ecosystems more diverse and replenish the soil for new plant growth. When they do controlled fires they greatly reduce the chances of there being an extreme wildfire in that area. When they do a prescribed fire

  • Essay On California Forest Fire

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    California has one of the most severe wildland fire problems in the world. Population, vegetation, topography, and climate all play key roles in the probability of a wildfire occurring. In other words, it’s not a matter of “if” a wildfire will occur, but it’s a matter of “when.” In California, more and more people are choosing to live in communities near wildlands. These wildlands are composed of highly flammable vegetation which can be explosive. The topography of California is very diverse, consisting

  • Prescribed Fires Research Paper

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    (FAM) The buildup that’s caused by preventing fires is an uncontrollable mass of fuel for a wildfire, which only validates the usefulness of prescribed fires. Mainly, this is because of the overgrowth which kills off fire-dependent species, allows pests such as mosquitoes to thrive, and it allows the forest to keep itself from rejuvenating. In conclusion, the prescribed fires can help reduce extreme wildfires and replenish the environment. Prescribed fires can help with the ecosystem of said burning

  • Descriptive Essay: Life In Nederland

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    I live in a small town in the mountains outside of Boulder, called Nederland. Nederland is  a beautiful area with many great qualities. However, living in Nederland presents some struggles, including the long, hard winters, the wildfires, and the separation from a bigger city with more activities and available resources. It is difficult to overcome a struggle of where you live; however, I try to make the best of it and manage the problems as much as I can. Winter in most areas is about four months

  • Persuasive Essay: What Is The Fence Damaged?

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    Victoria has a long history when it comes to bushfires, and as a new resident of this state, you should already have educated yourself about what to do when a bushfire threatens you. However, after a bushfire has passed, many parts of your property are going to need your attention. If you have pets, children or livestock, one of the priority fixes will be fencing. Fencing is needed to contain all three of these groups, but the fencing that was exposed to the bushfire may need to be replaced. Here

  • A Long Way Gone Conflict Analysis

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    A Long Way Gone Forest fires engulf tall rows of trees, turning green leaves and the homes of animals into ashes. Although fires leave a destructive trail of darkened groves, they create a chance for new life to develop. Nutrients find their way through the ashes into new soil, a new life begins to flourish, and old wreckages create new homes. Ishmael Beah, the author of ‘A Long Way Gone’, tells his readers his story that one man could never forget; new opportunities and chances for a better life

  • Essay On Wildfires

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    infrastructure, wildfires pose an increasing threat to countless Americans. Across the country, the number, severity, and duration of wildfires has increased in recent years. Additionally, human development into areas susceptible to wildfires, known as wildland-urban interface areas, has also increased. These areas pose not only an increased risk to individuals living in them, but also to the firefighter’s tasked with protecting them. As a direct result of both upward trends in wildfire severity and

  • The Great Fire Of 1910 Essay

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    During the 1910s, there were many exciting and terrifying events. In 1910, a horrible inferno called the Great Fire of 1910 broke out and destroyed a couple million acres of forest. With the Great Fire, one of the heroic firefighters, Edward Pulaski, saved almost all of his crew except The 1910s also had music. Bluegrass, jazz, and scat with many other genres. The Great Fire of 1910, Edward Pulaski, and Music Impacted the culture of the United States because of the new rules and plans for fire

  • Wildland Parachuting Research Paper

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    Title: Learn about the daring lives of brave parachuting firefighters Wildland parachuting firefighters is known as the most strenuous assignment for firefighters. It is nature even from a pessimistic standpoint as the main fuel for this is the world 's properties. In the only us it is assessed that more than millions out of control fires happen every year and clearing up to four to five million sections of land a year! That is a stressing measurement! The peril to life and property is dependably

  • The Pros And Cons Of Wildfires

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    what's causing these widespread, eye-opening wildfires. Well heat waves, wind, and the drought can be the blame for this. We are experiencing a really low amount of rainfall and this causes a drought around the world. Extremely high temperatures leads

  • Wildfires In Lord Of The Flies

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    A gorgeous island rises from the foaming sea, the leaves of its deep green palms dancing in the wind. A mountainous monument, teeming with life and pure, uncontaminated beauty; it symbolizes the purity of nature and peaceful, repetitive rhythms of life that mother nature muses herself with. Over the course of a few months this island of life is reduced to a charred layering of soot and ash. This inhumane destruction is forged from the hands of men; men with peaceful intentions of survival and life

  • Wildfires In The Pacific Northwest

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    This past month, the Pacific Northwest has been on fire. Wildfires in this area have been devastating to families, firefighters, ranchers, animals, and so many others. While firefighters fight viciously to contain these fires, there is another war that is going on at the same time; integrity in media. During these fires, newspapers and various news stations supplied the public with half-truths and exaggerations. For example, the Soda fire on the Idaho and Oregon border burned over 280,000 acres

  • Wildfire: The Importance Of Environmental Issues In California

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    The other most familiar environmental issue in California is Wildfire. Climate experts said the Strong wind was responsible for the fires’ quick incursion into urban areas, but months of record-high temperatures, preceded by heavy rainfall in winter, also fueled the destructive power of the fire that burned through

  • Essay Effect Of Wildfires On The Environment

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    drier and this lead to massive wildfires which destroy wildlife habitat and inject huge amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. There are some positive impacts of wildfires on the environment, wildfires clean up a forest of dead and decaying matter. They maintain ecosystem balance by removing diseased plants and harmful insects and regeneration of seeds through sunlight. They kill invasive species, allowing for indigenous species to continue thriving. Wildfires can engender flash flood conditions

  • How To Spread Like A Wildfire

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    Would you be prepared if a natural disaster hit your city today? Since wildfires are one of the most spontaneous natural disasters, they can be hard to prepare for. People use the phrase “spread like a wildfire” for a reason. The term is explaining how something disperses rapidly, which can be very dangerous when dealing with actual fire. People have to keep in mind the many contributions that are involved with planning for a wildfire. I have conducted an emergency plan that will be effective and keep