Wildfire Essays

  • Wildfires In America

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    continues to spread without notice waiting to take someone’s life as it goes. Wildfires spread across the country burning millions of acres. Additionally, wildfires damage homes and businesses leaving behind high repair costs. An individual can have an impact on the fight against wildfires. Some ways to impact the fight is to become a firefighter or ranger. Even though wildfires in America leave detrimental effects, wildfires greatly benefit America through the creation of emergency plans, the increase

  • Dbq Essay On Wildfires

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    The severity of wildfires has risen with wildfires growing larger and causing more damage. These fires can be caused by, natural causes such as lightning strikes or human activities like campfires, discarded cigarettes, intentional arson, or climate change which causes rising temperatures, lack of precipitation, droughts, low humidity, wind gusts, and wind speeds. As wildfires become larger and more destructive it is becoming increasingly difficult to contain our population as we began to have urbanization

  • Wildfires Research Paper

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    Wildfires are more dangerous then just a flame and heat. Fires have destroyed millions of acres over the pass few years, hundreds of people have put sweat and tears into fighting for their own lives and others lives. The worst thing about these fires are that they can destroy places that the heat does not get to, the smoke is what hurts the area the most. Smoke can travel hundreds of miles from the first point of the fire and end up hurting millions of people. Having the fires and bad smoke causes

  • Wildfires Research Paper

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    Wildfires are complex natural disasters that are commonly misrepresented in the media and in day-to-day life. Wildfires can be put into many different categories. Depending on what they burn through and what began them, they can be called different things such as bush fires, forest fires, grass fires, desert fires, and so on. There are different ways that wildfires can start, but the same three elements must be present for one to begin. These elements are fuel, heat, and oxygen, which must all be

  • Persuasive Essay About Wildfires

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    claims that, “The staggering 2015 Alaska wildfire season may soon be the state’s worst ever, with almost 5 million acres already burned” (Mooney). In states like California, Alaska, Colorado and many others Every year they experiance hundreds of thousands of acres go up in flames. Killing thousands of trees and animals and destroying hundreds of homes and even sometimes people. I can’t help but wonder what are the best approaches to ending Wildfires? Wildfires is something that you can’t just end but

  • Argumentative Essay On Wildfires

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    grazing to prevent wildfires (Rao). This idea about preventing fires by having cattle graze the land seems to have grown almost as fast as the fires in California themselves. The biggest misunderstanding about this myth is livestock does not prevent fires; instead, they help reduce the severity of wildfires in some cases. However, livestock will sometimes make wildfires more detrimental depending on the ecosystem they are placed in. The fallacy behind cows preventing wildfires, if left unchecked

  • The Cause Of Wildfires In The United States

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    effects that wildfires have on every worldwide country really has left its mark on the land. As written by world renowned wild fire spokesperson Smokey the Bear, “Every year, wildfires sweep through parts of the United States setting wilderness and homes ablaze. On average these raging infernos destroy about four to five million acres of land a year. But in 2012, wildfire burned more than 9.3 million acres, an area about the size of Massachusetts and Connecticut combined” (n.d 2013) Wildfires have been

  • Future Consequences Of Wildfires In California

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    Wildfires can destroy entire habitats of plants and wipe out life over miles of land. Once these fires clear large areas of vegetation the loss of plants can heighten the risk of significant erosion and landslides. In sudden rainfall these cleared areas become

  • How Wildfires Are Harmful To Our Environment

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    Recently, many wildfires have taken place throughout the United States. Some of these wildfires are started intentionally, unintentionally, or start on their own as brush fires. Either way, wildfires are damaging to our environment. Now, scientists have been tracking and recording air quality levels before, during, and after wildfires and they are concluding that smoke from wildfires are tipping air quality numbers to unhealthy and dangerous levels. Most Importantly, Wildfires are damaging to

  • Southwest Colorado Wildfire Research Papers

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    Wildfire is a natural process in the forests of Southwest Colorado. However, Colorado and much of the United States is experiencing unnatural behavior in wildfire due to climate change and human intervention. Forest fires in the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado are bigger and hotter than they were historically. This is a threat to both the environment and human populations. Wildlife, watersheds, and people living and recreating here are all affected. This paper will investigate the role of

  • Process Essay: How Does A Wildfire Work?

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    How does a Wildfire Work? By: Tanner Gottlob Mrs. Sukstorf ELA ELA–Period 2 February 6, 2023 Tanner Gottlob Mrs.Sukstorf ELA - Period 2 Jan. 26, 2023 How Does A Wildfire Work? When some people look at wildfires, they see destruction, some see beauty, some chaos, but what fuels these massive wildfires? How do these forest-eating infernos work? Scientists believe that the fire triangle has a big role in fuel and function (Oliphant). Convection has helped too. A wildfire is fueled by the fire triangle

  • Summary Of The Smokey Bear Wildfire Prevention Campaign

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    The Smokey Bear Wildfire Prevention project is the longest running public service advertising campaign in the United States (“Smokey's”). Despite the campaign's success over the past seventy years, wildfires are still among the top issues affecting America today. One Smokey Bear advertisement, created by Albert Staehle back in the 1940s, particularly requires us to revisit it and analyze it because the effects on the Americans were historic in that they brought the country together during a time

  • The Effect Of Forest Fires In California

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    uncontrolled blazes fueled by dry underbrush, wind, and weather. In the matter of seconds. wildfires can burn acres of land and destroy everything in their paths. For a wildfire to burn there needs to be three conditions present, fire fighters call it fuel, oxygen, and a heat sources the “The fire triangle.” Any type of fuel is flammable material circling a fire, this includes brush, grass, trees, and fragile homes (“Wildfires Dry, Cold, and Windy”). Forest fires affect people in a lot of ways, shapes and

  • The Positive And Negative Impact Of Indigenous Fire Practices

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    the positive impacts of fire practices in promoting biodiversity, reduction of large wildfires and maintaining a healthy ecosystem, are generally considered to outweigh the risks. Indigenous peoples use numerous different fire practices including, patch burning (involving burning small areas of land in a mosaic

  • Brief History By Environmental Historian Stephen J. Pyne

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    causes of natural wildfires are volcanoes, lightning, spontaneous combustion, and sparks caused by rockslides. Natural coal seam fires have also been attributed to causing wildfires when combustible plant material is located nearby. Most lightning strikes occur in the North American southeast and southwest. Because they often occur in isolated locations with limited access, lightning fires burn more total acres than human-caused starts. The average 10-year total of U.S. wildfire acres burned and

  • Essay On California Forest Fire

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    California has one of the most severe wildland fire problems in the world. Population, vegetation, topography, and climate all play key roles in the probability of a wildfire occurring. In other words, it’s not a matter of “if” a wildfire will occur, but it’s a matter of “when.” In California, more and more people are choosing to live in communities near wildlands. These wildlands are composed of highly flammable vegetation which can be explosive. The topography of California is very diverse, consisting

  • Prescribed Fires Research Paper

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    (FAM) The buildup that’s caused by preventing fires is an uncontrollable mass of fuel for a wildfire, which only validates the usefulness of prescribed fires. Mainly, this is because of the overgrowth which kills off fire-dependent species, allows pests such as mosquitoes to thrive, and it allows the forest to keep itself from rejuvenating. In conclusion, the prescribed fires can help reduce extreme wildfires and replenish the environment. Prescribed fires can help with the ecosystem of said burning

  • Essay On Prescribed Fire

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    clearing out debris that could be hazardous if a wildfire were to occur. This does not come with out it 's faults, sometimes the fire becomes to big to handle and they become near misses or wildfires. Prescribed fires are great for the ecosystem and the overall well being of forests. They make ecosystems more diverse and replenish the soil for new plant growth. When they do controlled fires they greatly reduce the chances of there being an extreme wildfire in that area. When they do a prescribed fire

  • Summary Of Hot Spots By Brian Mccombie

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    In this article the author illustrates the disadvantages of wildfires destroying not only the wildlife but the wildland. It is explained throughout the article the pros and cons and the short and long term deprivations to the wildlife. McCombie lists many different points to back up his topic and gives many sources to verify his facts. By using classical appeals the article “Hot Spots” by Brian McCombie effectively argues that wildfires can benefit and also harm wildlife. Therefore, the author uses

  • Arguments For The Idea Of Using Controlled Fires

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    fighting fire with fire to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires. By having these controlled fires we could help save forest and vast lands from getting destroyed by unwanted fires. Therefore, by having these fires we could help control the climate change, which has helped make fire seasons longer and it makes it harder to control these fires when fire season starts. for example, wildfires have destroyed "On average, more than 100,000 wildfires, also called wild land fires or forest fires, clear 4