Summary Of The Smokey Bear Wildfire Prevention Campaign

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The Smokey Bear Wildfire Prevention project is the longest running public service advertising campaign in the United States (“Smokey's”). Despite the campaign's success over the past seventy years, wildfires are still among the top issues affecting America today. One Smokey Bear advertisement, created by Albert Staehle back in the 1940s, particularly requires us to revisit it and analyze it because the effects on the Americans were historic in that they brought the country together during a time of division. The campaign revealed this ad during the end of World War II which was a big part as to why it was so successful. The visual includes appealing images of Smokey in the foreground pointing towards the fire and two other bears in the background …show more content…

During World War II religious beliefs were not a top priority in the United States due to the war putting a halt on things that developed religiosity (Grant). The war took resources and volunteers away from churches and other religious organizations. The artist illustrates one of the bears in the background kneeling and praying while the fire in dangerously close behind them. The purpose behind this technique was to re-instill the religious belief that praying will help you in dangerous situations. Americans saw the bear’s gesture as last second call for help and it appealed to their compassion for the safety of animals. Not only did it show how the animals were feeling but it also gave the Americans hope that God can save them. This was definitely important for Americans to believe, especially since the country was in the middle of a world war and the author of this visual knew that. Religion was another way to attract an audience because it was so controversial at the time since a lot of people did not want to believe in God due to the horrible sights of war (Grant). The author saw this as an opportunity to promote Christianity in order to help people cope with the war as well as notice the importance of salvation in a time of …show more content…

The author successfully portrayed the animals in trouble and that reached the emotions of the americans because they were also in the midst of World War II and fighting to stay alive themselves. This powerful technique was felt all throughout the visual. The bears are on the ground noticeably pleading for help while also trying to keep each other alive and away from the fire. The Americans felt the same pressure to stay alive overseas while fighting for what they believe was right in order to keep the rest of the Americans safe. In a way the bears symbolize the U.S. soldiers risking their lives and the protected deer symbolizes the rest of the American citizens. The artist created these relatable images as an effort to persuade the viewers to make a positive impact on the

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