Fire Essays

  • The North Valley Fire

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    North Valley fire was one of the most destructive wildfires to ever burn the state of California.It started september 12 in Lake County, Califorinia a community 100 miles north of the city of San Francisco. The fire began around 1:00 pm in the afternoon,by 6:00 it already destroyed more than 10,000 acres.Entire towns and thousands of residents along a 35-mile stretch of State Route 29 were forced to evacuate, many running as the fire came down the hill toward their homes.California fire spokesman Dan

  • Essay On Prescribed Fire

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    controlled fires for any number of reasons such as, putting the nutrients back into the soil, and clearing out debris that could be hazardous if a wildfire were to occur. This does not come with out it 's faults, sometimes the fire becomes to big to handle and they become near misses or wildfires. Prescribed fires are great for the ecosystem and the overall well being of forests. They make ecosystems more diverse and replenish the soil for new plant growth. When they do controlled fires they greatly

  • Fire Investigation Lab

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    Detection Of Fire Accelerants Fires can be set in a number of ways. Setting a fire does not require the use of an accelerant, but it frequently exists in arson and accidents as well. Its important to note, flammable liquids and accelerants are also not always one and the same and can vary in type. The vapor from accelerants such as a flammable liquid supports the flame over the material, which can be either easy or very difficult to detect. The accelerant can leave visible physical traces, or the

  • The Effect Of Forest Fires In California

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    different natural disasters, forest fires seems to happen quite often in California. Forest fires are uncontrolled blazes fueled by dry underbrush, wind, and weather. In the matter of seconds. wildfires can burn acres of land and destroy everything in their paths. For a wildfire to burn there needs to be three conditions present, fire fighters call it fuel, oxygen, and a heat sources the “The fire triangle.” Any type of fuel is flammable material circling a fire, this includes brush, grass, trees

  • Fire Academy Research Paper

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    As a current student at Ridge Fire Academy, I have learned so much about myself and what it takes to become a Fire Fighter. The instructors have taught us and informed us on how dangerous this job may really be. From the stories of their past experiences, to scars they have received, it is apparent that danger may be present at anytime. The unfortunate story of Lieutenant John Mickel and FireFighter Dallas Begg is a testimony to that concept which should always be remembered as a learning tool in

  • Prescribed Fires Research Paper

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    Fires, Why They Can Help Did you know certain fires can actually help the land significantly? A fair amount of research suggests that this is the case. The solution is something called prescribed fires where basically to prevent catastrophic fires they just burn the stuff right away to get it over with. Furthermore, they can help habitats and people, plus the aforementioned catastrophe prevention and generally helping the entire forest as a whole. Fires can benefit people and the environment with

  • The Great Fire Of 1910 Essay

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    events. In 1910, a horrible inferno called the Great Fire of 1910 broke out and destroyed a couple million acres of forest. With the Great Fire, one of the heroic firefighters, Edward Pulaski, saved almost all of his crew except The 1910s also had music. Bluegrass, jazz, and scat with many other genres. The Great Fire of 1910, Edward Pulaski, and Music Impacted the culture of the United States because of the new rules and plans for fire safety, act of heroism and saving people, and all the jobs

  • Great Fire Of 1910 Research Paper

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    Great Fire of 1910 The largest forest fire in American History was on August 20th and 21st of 1910. It took lives, destroyed towns, and created torches out of trees. The fire adopted the name of The Big Blowup, or sometimes called the Big Burn. One man described it as “A terrific hurricane had broke over the mountain”. The Great Fire of 1910 was very destructive in its nature. A drought and dry spring made the ground exhausted with dehydration. In Sherry Devlin’s article she states “Wallace

  • Josh Powell's Four Stages Of Fire

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    have all the notes I need I can now proceed to investigate the fire. Based on the four stages of fire I have found that incipient stage just made the duration of the fire spread more than a fraction it speed very quickly due to the product that was used. Emergent smoldering to effect very quickly make thing more combustible. The third stage now brings

  • The Symbols Of Light And Fire In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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    Light is a form of energy and fire is combustion and energy if produced hence heat production. Light and fire are symbols that relate with each other. Fire produces warmth during the night and at the same time it produces light, although fire gives light and warmth it can also inflict pain when one is burnt. Therefore fire is good and at the same time bad, as a symbol fire shows that just as fire can provide heat so can it burn, therefore scientific progress can also cause destruction, this is evident

  • Fire And Water In Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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    Long ago, fire and water were important to humans for almost everything they did in their everyday life. Water was used for drinking and washing. It is symbolized as life, cleansing, and rebirth. It is a source of life and sustenance; cleansing and purification; baptism. Fire was used for cooking, warmth, and burning forests or scaring predators. It is both protective and destructive, it can also symbolize human knowledge, industry, and success, but at great cost. But in Lord of the Flies, William

  • Causes Of The Fire In Josh Powell Arson Or Homicide Case

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    The fire in the Josh Powell arson/ homicide case began in the living room, where the bodies of Josh Powell, and his children Charles Powell and Braden Powell. That would be the incipient stage. Next to the three bodies, two empty ten gallon gasoline cans were found. It is believed that Josh Powell had spread the gasoline around the residence before the children got to the house for the visit. The emergent smoldering happened all around the house where the gas was spread. This is believed to be throughout

  • Fire Cupping Benefits

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    of any claim must be evaluated without self-deception. Is fire cupping just superstitious traditional chinese medicine or does it really have an affect to our body? As cupping is introduced and more accepted to the western society and culture, many people seek different therapies and alternative medicine to help with the pain in the body that one may be experiencing. One website called Big Feet also show the treatment prices for fire cupping which is $23.00 per 20 minutes which is almost a dollar

  • Fire Door Essay

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    Fire door is a door assembly, which is designed to hold back smoke and fire for a period of time and has been tested under certain conditions to provide insulation. Fire door can have different period integrity properties. Figure 1.1 shows the timber fire rated doors with ironmongeries set (NEVADOR, June 18). Besides that smoke seals, self-closing and vision panel or known as glazing system have to be take into design considerations. Fire doors sign is a must to have a minimum of 80mm x 80mm of

  • Fire Department Research Paper

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    Fire Department Vehicle Maintenance Program Carlos M. Lopez Applied Research In Fire Science FES-4783-317 January 24, 2016 Fire Department Vehicle Maintenance Program The major response objective for the fire department is to provide initial response to all emergencies of one engine company consisting of a minimum of three firefighters within five minutes and not to exceed seven minutes 95% of the time. A second objective for the fire department is to provide a second engine company within

  • The Cause Of The Chicago Fire Of 1871

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    vulnerable. Then one day, a fire broke out in Chicago which caused a lot of commotion and terror in the city and more. In this essay, I will talk about how the fire started, how the firefighters handled the fire, and the aftermath of the fire. On the evening of October 8, 1871, all of this fire spread through Chicago, but there has to be a start to all of this. The fire started around a barn belonging to the family of Patrick and Catherine O’leary. As a result, the fire engulfed almost half of Chicago

  • What Are The Key Drivers Of Growth In The Uk Fire And Security Industry

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    Exploring the UK Fire and Security Market: Trends and Opportunities The UK's fire and security market is growing in tremendous ways, providing many opportunities for businesses and individuals to benefit from. Technological advancements have enabled smarter solutions in the industry, with companies striving to provide innovative products that enhance safety and provide robust security. Here, we investigate key drivers of growth in the sector, examine international trends, analyse consumer preferences

  • Essay On Triangle Factory Fire

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    The Triangle Factory Fire on March 25, 1911 killed 146 people. There could have been more precautions and backups in case of a fire. Usual tools that could be used for preventing a fire were absent in this tragedy. The owners, Max Blanck and Isaac Harris, were blamed for not supplying and making sure their factory had these fire precautions. In 1902, the Triangle Factory was burned twice and Blanck’s and Harris’s other company, Diamond Waist, was scorched twice; once in 1907 and in 1910 (1 “Triangle

  • Boston Fire Essay

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    The Boston Fire of 1872 At around 7 pm November 9th 1872, a spark of unknown origin ignited very inflammable materials within the basement of a dry goods store in Summer and Kingston Streets. According to Sammarco (1997), the flames rose to the shaft of the wooden elevator rushing upwards through the floors packed with inflammable rolls of hosiery, cloth, gloves, hoops and laces igniting the wooden roof. Curious spectators assumed that someone had alerted the firefighters. They stared at the blaze

  • The Girl Who Was On Fire Analysis

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    In Suzanne Collins ' The Hunger Games, it is Cinna who first calls Katniss Everdeen, "The girl who was on fire" (67). Various sparks will come together in Katniss to ignite the fire that will be the rebellion. These sparks will combine in her from various sources and Katniss will not recognize some of them. Despite this, by the end of the novel Katniss will be aware of the fire that has been created in her and by her. In the beginning, Katniss is hunting in the woods in her home, District 12,