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It is important to the environment that there be controlled fires for any number of reasons such as, putting the nutrients back into the soil, and clearing out debris that could be hazardous if a wildfire were to occur. This does not come with out it 's faults, sometimes the fire becomes to big to handle and they become near misses or wildfires. Prescribed fires are great for the ecosystem and the overall well being of forests. They make ecosystems more diverse and replenish the soil for new plant growth.

When they do controlled fires they greatly reduce the chances of there being an extreme wildfire in that area. When they do a prescribed fire it 's to get rid of all the dead wood and debris that when left be can act as fuel for a wildfire later. Last year alone there were 69,151 recorded wildfires which burned up to 10,125,149 acres. If it were not for controlled fires these numbers would be greatly increased. Plus in this process of eliminating the forest debris it also helps by warding off invasive species that threaten native animals and their communities. It is very important that there be an annual amount of prescribed fires each year so as to keep things even and working in the environments.

Controlled fires can also be used to keep a ecosystem rejuvenated and …show more content…

It is true that prescribed fires do sometimes turn into wildfires and some say because of this there shouldn 't be any controlled fires at all, that they do more harm to the environment then good. But it is quite the contrary prescribed fires recycle minerals and other nutrients back into the soil for later use by new plants and animals. Plus with out the controlled fires there would be much more fuel for later wildfires which would in turn make the wildfires much harder to control and take care of. Though there are wildfires that started out as prescribed fires the good out way the bad. By keeping the fire fuel down, adding nutrients back into the soil, and helping native plants and animals

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