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  • Pros And Cons Of The Youtube Effect

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    The “Youtube Effect” I agree with Moises Naim’s observations on the “Youtube Effect” because his ideas and observations are still as accurate as his observations were about 12 years ago. As an avid youtube user myself, I can vouch for his observations because not only do I use youtube for entertainment purposes like most young adults my age, I also use youtube to find out about serious issues that are going on in the world. youtube allows millions of people to watch and post all sorts of videos

  • Adorno Vs Horkheimer

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    How does this happen? Hesmondhalgh suggests, “companies have to compete with each other… and so they attempt to outstrip each other to satisfy audience desires for the shocking, the profane, and the rebellious.” (5) On YouTube there are thousands of videos in the beauty genre alone, and it is so easy for videos to get lost in the sea of other videos. Content creators must generate new, exciting, different content in order to grab audience’s attention. If there were only

  • Minimalism In A Discourse Community

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    A discourse community is a group of people that have a common goal who use lexis, genres and other forms of communication to achieve this goal. Within in the community there are members of hierocracy that can provide expertise. Clubs, teams, organizations and even your friends and family can be consider as a discourse community. I personally didn’t want to choose a team or a club because I am not involved or interested in any at the moment. Something that I am interested is minimalism. It’s something

  • No Need To Call Sherry Turkle Analysis

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    virtual communication available, it becomes easy for one neglect YouTube as a main platform of social media. Since the site launched in 2005, it has become useful to the average person in any household. Typical mothers can use it to find a new recipe for dinner, fathers can use it to find out how to change the oil in a car, even children can use it to watch a video on how to calculate the mass of the sun for their projects. But YouTube has become much more interactive than simply watching a video,

  • The Youtube Speech: The Youtube Speech By George Saunders

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    The YouTube speech is spoken by George Saunders for the class of 2013 at Syracuse University. Saunders focuses on some important things in life like the need for kindness and the importance of love, dreams, and hope. Saunders begins by taking us through a throwback of his regrets, saying that he doesn 't regret the poverty or the jobs that he has done, not even the embracing moments either. The thing that Saunders regret the most in his life is not being kinder to people. Saunders then questions

  • Lia Dawson's Argument Essay

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    Dawson effectively validates her argument that celebrities greatly influence videos that go viral by having a well-balanced approach to rhetorical strategies. In this article, Lia Dawson discusses how certain YouTube videos have gone viral while some have not, even though they follow the same pattern as the popular videos. There are copious factors that can contribute to a video’s popularity, including: “the ability to parody it, its unexpectedness,” etc., but she contends celebrities are the most

  • Soldiers Homecoming Persuasive Speech

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    Love and Hate If you want to see some intensely emotional videos, just go on YouTube and write "Soldier Homecoming" and look at one of the most emotional videos you can find on YouTube or anywhere else. The videos are filled with happiness, tears, surprise, and other positive feelings. And as you watch the video (or videos) it is difficult to hold your tears, and you just get happy because someone (a father, mother, brother, sister, wife, husband, son, etc.) meets with their beloved (which is also

  • Arguments On The Hijab (Head Scarf/Veil)

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    The Different Arguments on the Hijab (Head Scarf/Veil) Hijab is a piece of material that most Muslim women wear on their heads to hide their hair and “beauty” from the public. The wearing of head scarves varies from person to person, it can be as extreme as hiding all of the hair, face, eyes, the forehead, ears, neck and upper region of the breast, or as casual as just cover the backrest of the head or as people say in Kurdistan “they are simply covering their hair clip”. Inside the Muslim society

  • Bob Ross The Modern Painting Phenomenon Analysis

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    Bob Ross: The Modern Painting Phenomenon If you 've ever watched PBS, you likely at some point have heard of Bob Ross. A painter born in Florida, Bob hosted The Joy of Painting, a half-hour show that run from 1983 to 1994, in which he painted a picture and encouraged the audience to paint along with him. It was a simple, but effective idea to get people excited about painting, and it was a very successful show. Sadly, Bob passed away due to a diagnosis of lymphoma in the early 1990s, which forced

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Bernie Sanders Campaign

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    The recent events of the 2016 presidential election have turned the race into an absolute nightmare. The American voters have whittled the candidacy down to two candidates of completely polar views on nearly everything. Clinton is on the far left and Trump is on the far right, which generates a precariously balanced peace between them. One little gust of accusation and everything comes tumbling down. Consequently, the presidential race has been bitterly fought, and both campaigns have utilized cheap

  • Good Will Hunting Film Analysis

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    The film ‘Good Will Hunting’ directed by Gus Van Sant is a movie which follows the life of Will Hunting who is gifted with astonishing skills for maths but whom suffered with a fear of abandonment. He developed a defense mechanism which affected his ability to create long lasting relationships. An important extract from the movie is the scene ‘ It’s not your fault’. This scene conveyed the impact of childhood traumas, the effects of suppressed emotions and the idea of soulmates. These ideas were

  • Communication Technology In Public Life

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    Communication Technology Technology has changed our lifestyle and is continuing to alter it. Every aspect of our life has been somehow touched by technology. However, technology has made a significant impact on the way we communicate and new communication technologies are continuously improving and being used in everyday life. It has become an essential part of most our lives because we, as a human species, have always had this deep desire to communicate, and to communicate over distance. The obstruction

  • Teens: Effects Of Pop Culture On Teenagers

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    Effects of Pop Culture on Teenagers Pop culture is something that everyone has been exposed to at one point or another. The Cambridge dictionary defines pop culture as, “music, TV, cinema, books, etc. that are popular and enjoyed by ordinary people, rather than experts or very educated people” (“Definition of "pop culture" - English Dictionary”). In our society, all of these things can be easily accessed by any person with a smartphone, which is roughly 77 percent of Americans (Smith, Aaron. “Record

  • Summary Of The Danger Of Internet By Parrikh Rahul

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    Parikh Rahul begins his essay by explaining why he thinks dangers for teens online are exaggerated. Parikh Rahul believes, the internet is a place that helps kids mature, “providing them a platform for self-expression, connecting with others, and social and political activism.” He explains that kids, who are on the internet, connect with people they know, rather than total stranger. Rahul is a physician who works with kids, teens and adolescent. His opinion on this article is important because he

  • Short Hair Essay

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    Introduction Hairstyles for black ladies say a lot about their character. They show how edgy and how much they can risk in order to stay trendy and fashionable. Short hairstyles for black women appear stylish and outside the box fashion. They make these women appear elegant. The hairstyles normally look their best when they are left naturally short but if someone wants to take it over the edge it is safer to let a professional do it. For black women they can do a lot with their hair, and for those

  • Essay On The Pros And Cons Of Social Media

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    Pros and Cons of Social Media Throughout the years' social media has been a sickness for many years. Parents of teens should be more strict with there teen social media because it could cause teens to be depressed and become suicidal. In the article “Negative, positive effects on excessive social media use on teens studied”by Baltimore Sun, states that social media can cause depression and sickness for teens.Excessive use of social media can cause teens to be depressed because teens compare their

  • Reflection On Group Speech

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    Self Reflection Essay for My Group Speech The topic for my group speech I helped give to the class on March 19th, 2018 was on Dissociative Identity Disorder or also known as DID. We explained the the history, how people are able to live with it, how symptoms can be recognized, you have to see a doctor to get diagnosed and the different types of treatment someone could get to treat DID. Before my group gave this speech I felt I was as prepared as I could be and was not all that nervous for my parts

  • Swot Analysis Of Youtube

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    There are profiles of which you can subscribe to to view a new video that has been posted which contributes to the easy accessibility of YouTube. YouTube’s viewer range has increased due to the videos that are frequently uploaded to the website which means that YouTube is capturing the viewers attention   3. I believe that the mission of committing to an excellence in education that Marist Brother Linmeyer would like to achieve has been accomplished

  • Ethical Issues Of Interracial Youtube

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    centre of media attraction, in its most prevalent form through YouTube. Interracial couples on YouTube have, to some extent created their own community and use this technological platform to represent their social lives. Interracial couples use a variety of technological mediums such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as alternative social media sites in order to present their social lives. The creation of interracial couple channels on YouTube has grown on a global scale with mixed ethnicity couples

  • Negative Effects Of Youtube On Teenagers

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    Jamie Jackson Ms Calimlim English 9B September 9, 2015 Negative Effects of Youtube On Teenagers Youtube is full of potentials, especially giving opportunities for young upper comers. With youtube being available on such a big variety of devices, Big trending You tuber’s videos spread around the cities, countries and continents in a matter of minutes from uploading their video. With these big trending videos it creates jealousy and becomes an influences for teens to attempt these daring acts for