Zeng Guofan Essays

  • Empress Dowager Cixi: The Imperial Woman

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    1. Introduction The life of Empress Dowager Cixi is an enigma, shrouded with mystery and rumors. Her life was not “filled with Florentine intrigues and Viennese frivolity, because the truth is melancholy...” (Seagrave 52), she was oppressed even though she held the kingdom’s power. The past hundred y2ears of history have been largely unfair to Cixi, having been labelled as a devious despot who used much of the kingdom’s money for her own self-indulgence. The Imperial Woman is often blamed for the

  • Taiping Rebellion Essay

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    CCCH9006 China’s Modernisation In The East Asian Context Discuss the implications of these events on China’s modernisation process. - Taiping Rebellion - 1911 Revolution Wu Tien-hsuan 2013500516 Tutorial Group: Tuesday 13:30-14:20   In the modern world, China is only second to the U.S.A. in economic scale. According to the World Bank (2014), the GDP of China has risen from 8.227 trillion USD (2012) to 9.24 trillion USD (2013). The process China has been through to reach such a high economic

  • Qing Dynasty

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    emperor and make good suggestions to Qin Shi Huang. Zeng Guofan, the official of the late Qing dynasty. Although the Qing dynasty is nearly to be destroy by the foreigner and have serious corruption problem, he still show his loyalty to the emperor and give a lot of suggestions to the emperor in order to reorganize the court. Once Zeng’s subordinate suggest to support him to be the emperor and reform the government of the Qing dynasty and Zeng rejected them