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Online resources about the Choctaw

Anoli’s Circle
Author: James BlueWolf
Type: authorbio
Description: James BlueWolf’s home page.

URL: http://www.anoliscircle.com/

Type: tribal
Description: This page on the tribe is part of a Native North American Cultures online exhibit created by Minnesota State University – Mankato.

URL: http://www.anthro.mankato.msus.edu/cultural/northamerica/choctaw.html

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Official Home Page
Author: Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
Type: tribal
Description: Information on Choctaw history, news, upcoming events, and programs for tribal members.

URL: http://www.choctawnation.com/

Earthen Vessel Productions
Author: James BlueWolf and Carolyn Wing Greenlee
Type: gensource
Description: Site of the publishing company James BlueWolf is affiliated with.

URL: www.earthen.com

Louisiana Native Languages
Type: tribal
Description: This site presents elements of the main dialect of Choctaw (Longtown). The six remaining dialects are: Caddoan, Atakapa, Chitimacha, Tunica, Koroa and Natchez.

URL: http://www.eatel.net/~wahya/speak.html

OK/IT GenWeb: Choctaw Nation
Author: Jerri Chasteen – Coordinator
Type: tribal
Description: Choctaw Nation history and genealogy through the U.S. GenWeb project.

URL: http://www.rootsweb.com/~itchocta/

Unofficial Homepage: Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
Author: Anthony Reeves
Type: tribal
Description: Created by Choctaw Nation tribal member Anthony Reeves. Includes links for Choctaw tribal information, tribal government and the Choctaw language.

URL: http://www.cableone.net/areeves/choctaw/

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