1. Why Did Sue Become A Prostitute?

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1. Why did Sue become a prostitute? Sue became a prostitute because her friend Donna told her that she could make enough money to get her own place and she was already had sex with many random people for nothing, so she thought she might as well get paid to do something she already doing. 2. Does her explanation make sense to you? Yes I believe her explanation make sense because she was already have sex with a lot of men for nothing so she might as well get paid to have sex. Also she already had a reputation of promiscuous and coming from her lifestyle it makes sense. I personally don’t conduct this deviant behavior but this is one of the possibility outcome of her lifestyle. 3. Was her transition from promiscuity to prostitution convincing? Yes I think her transition from …show more content…

As we saw in Chapter 2, criminologists Michael Gottfredson and Travis Hirschi argue that the commission of deviance is generic and generalizable—that is, people who engage in one type of illegal, illicit, self-interested activity are more likely to engage in others. Sue engaged in promiscuous sex; she moved on to prostitution; she was an alcoholic; she used illicit drugs; she was chronically depressed; she attempted suicide; she was a neglectful mother and the court removed her daughter from her custody; she was the victim of violent crimes against her. Her life was an unremitting march of misery from her childhood to the present.Do you think Gottfredson and Hirschi’s argument makes sense? Or is another process at work here? Is it possible that genetic or physiological processes cause Sue’s deviance, or her clinical depression? Or did the labeling process, or abuse she may have suffered as a child make her into what she became? Does Sue’s case arouse the sociologist in you—do you search for sociological causes and consequences, labeling and constructionist processes at work, the biases of the court system, dynamics of stigmatization, all the factors and variables we’ve looked at so

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