13th Film Analysis

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In the movie ‘’13th’’ by Ava DuVernay minorities were seen as; monsters, animals, rapists, and murderers in the eyes of the American Justice System for nearly 200 years and still are today. The US System is built to oppress and produce fear in the hearts of white families of black men since Jamestown, Virginia 1619. The painted portrait of black men during slavery was being ignorant, rebellious, and thugs that have longevity stereotypes. Minstrel shows like Black Face depicted white men with black grease faces whose characters stereotyped the typical minority with plantation dialect. As the Black Face entertainment started to die around 1915 by 1950 more comedies aroused. Individual production animators like Warner Brothers, Walt Disney, Looney…show more content…
After years of fighting for rights, The Civil Rights Act in 1964-65 was a triumph for activists. Being enslaved doesn't physically mean working on a plantation anymore, it’s simply just being African American. When an officer shoots a unarmed young or older black male, they justify their action by being fearful of their precious life. In 2016 there were 963 shootings 27 less fatal shootings than 2017. (Washington Post). The white man has been ruling the country for centuries while creating inferiority. Many corporations may see mass incarceration as an incentive or profitable, but its a troubling solution to a bigger problem we need to recognize as a whole.
When you control what people see eventually you can control or predict their actions. Degrading black men and stripping their rights and civil leaders was the first step in this Law & Order Agenda. As Hitler said, ‘’A lie told enough soon becomes the truth.’’ This applied to how they acknowledge colors. The Birth of a Nation
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Why is that number so low? After the Civil War, all these blacks were free what do we do? They used the 13th Amendment loophole to convict for petty crimes and enslave me again. 357,292 was the jail population during Nixon presidency who deliberately imposed Law & Order. This strategically regime that governed tactic execution made a rise in 1980s jail population to 513,900. That's nearly 156,608 more people broken from families with petty crimes. As stated before, fear was a tactic to justify these actions. Willie Thornton picture showed a messy, monstrous, and fearful black male. His picture did more justice than his conviction. By the 1985 245, 200 more were victims to the justice system. During the 80s, a drug epidemic was considered the worst economic crisis. This war on drugs made even more families poorer and the rich richer. Doing so made colored people find alternative ways in making money. Shaka Senghor said, ‘’Your black with crack cocaine you’re going to prison for basically the rest life of your life, uhm and you are white you pretty much getting slapped on the wrist.’’ This is relevant today and many people call it White Privilege. The more people being incarcerated the more prisons and jails the justice system had to build, which resulted in more profitable corporations. A remark was made that all facilities needed to be filled at all time. All times? Really? There are
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