14th Amendment Pros And Cons

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The Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution which states that all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. This constitutional amendment provides to all eligible person to become an American regarding their race, religion or social class, but the person must be born or naturalized. All children, of foreign person, born in America is enough reason to be a citizen of the United Stated, because it is the right this country give them. All foreign people have this privilege when they come to American the legal way. The Fourteenth amendment is a right that a foreigner has gain because he or she has done everything …show more content…

The birthright citizenship is not for everyone. When we understand the purpose that the fourteenth amendment was created, we will see that it excluded some people from having the birthright citizenship. It was the original intention. Like it or not; it requires a person to be subject to the state and country, but illegal aliens do not have these requirements. The birthright citizenship motivates people to come the illegal way instead about the legal way. Because many people believe they can come, and they can stay for a time, they do not have to leave the country. When people come with a temporal visa, they have to sign twice. Once at their home country promising that they will respect the orders, and a second time when they arrive to the United States. Suddenly some forget what they signed, and they decide to stay becoming illegal because their visa become expired. Others do not go thru ant process at all. Birthright citizenship is making the American culture disappear. Illegal immigrant are growing in population in the United States, and they are dominating the country. They bring their culture, and with their children are spreading a strange culture. And it is not just one culture, but many cultures are getting rid of the American culture. The United States is disappearing from being one nation to be many small nations. Having multiple small nation in the country it will be divided, and it is a huge risk to have it like that. The fourteen amendment is not a right for foreigners. When the fourteen amendment was written, it was supposed to give the birthright citizenship to the people that were already in the country. It did not give birthright citizenship to strangers, nor was to accept illegal foreigners. So why are we doing it like if it really dictates that every person even illegal aliens can have this

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