1920s Mafia Essay

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During the 1920’s the economy was booming and there were many changes to come to the United States. It was a time of transition from wartime to a peaceful time in the country. The Americans also had new challenges and new experiences such as the challenges for farmers after the war had ended. New amendments and new groups were formed.It took a while for the people to adjust to this new change but eventually they did. The 1920’s was time of extreme change.
The prohibition was when the United States prohibited alcoholic beverages from being produced, transported and sold. They did this through the 18th amendment of the Constitution in January of 1919. The amendment however was repealed in 1933 and this amendment was the only amendment in US …show more content…

The mafia was present in many cities across the United States but primarily they operated in Chicago and New York. They made their rise to fame in the 1920’s due to their success in illegal alcohol trading during the prohibition of the alcohol in the 1920’s. The mafia then grew to participate in illegal drug trafficking, illegal gambling and other criminal ventures. The mafia also infiltrated labor unions and other businesses such as New York’s garment industry. The mafia quickly grew to become infamous due to the well known people involved such as Al Capone and Salvatore “Lucky” Luciano. They also became popular by their sheer secrecy and extremely violent crimes that became well known throughout the nation. The mafia was eventually weakened by the government and although the power of the mafia is no longer as great as it once was the mafia still operates in the United States to this day. The way the mafia was formed was that during the 1880’s there was a surge of Italian immigrants that went from 20,000 to 250,000 and in 1910 it even jumped to 500,000. Most people followed the laws but groups and gangs did start to form. In the late 1920’s however there was a war between two families of the mafia. There were multiple murders and power grabs but finally Salvatore “Lucky” Luciano came out on top. He then created a kind of board of directors for the mafia in New York, for New York had become the mafia capital. They took at least 20 mafia families in new York and made them into five families. The board set policies for the mafia and settled difference between the families. That is when the mob became organized. The mob carried on and is still an operating business today. That is what happened with the mafia in the

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