Gangsters In The 1920s Essay

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Gangsters were responsible for murder, Prostitution, Illegal Gambling, and many other crimes but yet everyone still loved them.They were a shining example of how prohibition didn 't stop anything and arguably led to even more problems. Nothing could stop them because they had immense wealth from bootlegging alcohol, and could have anyone they wanted to join their side because as they saw it you were either with them or a rival gang. Even the law enforcement was scared to be close to any of the gangsters as they often took payoffs. Gangsters had their main big appearance in the 1920`s also known as the roaring twenties. This was a big time for partying, dancing and drinking alcohol. Their main appearance was mainly because of prohibition and that people wanted the alcohol and gangsters would do it, making huge profits in the progress. (Legends) The Gangsters did this so much that they often controlled most if not all liquor sales. they also controlled the majority of gambling, and prostitution. They were often known for being murderers and robbers but there were many gangsters who were involved in political economic and …show more content…

most of the cops of this time would turn a blind eye and easily take payoffs because their other option was to be killed by the gangsters. The police were just down right scared of them because of this and they knew they were outgunned and had no chance. (FBI) But many of the systems we have developed and still use today were thought of at this time. Our system of fingerprinting is probably the best example but at this time it was still sadly in its infancy and didn 't have all of society in the system. Our first crime fighting lab was invented by the FBI november 24, 1932 and it was used to try to fight crime against them. Once prohibition had ended in 1933 the Gangsters started to die down as well. the main reign of the organized crime Gangster ended

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