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film. After all we don't call it a faithful adaptation not for nothing. It is too good an effort on the directors part to not be mentioned. While the visual picture shows moments of tension, the sound does justice to this tension that the viewer watches, intensifying it's effect. Since the novel is mostly about the strggle and defeat, the film too actualises the same on screen. There is a flashback sequence in the novel, where the old man thinks of his younger days when he used to bemuch stronger and had once defeated a nigger at arm wrestling. This flashback sequence is filmed and we see it as the old man reminisces it and the narrator gives a background summary of what happened. This sequence is accompanied by chirpy jolly music as opposed …show more content…

Written in 1948, on his deathbed, suffering from tuberculosis, George Orwell gave the world a brilliant piece of work predicting the world to come. Instead of a shiny new tomorrow with modernity, freedom and technological advancements, he viewed and presented to us a dystopic future. Where there was enough advancement in technology but no freedom. The world was divided into three big states and no man was free to think of his own accord. Set in Oceania, this is a story of a man named Winston Smith, who works for the Party headed by the Big Brother. He seems to be a little different from the rest as he prefers to think for himself. He commits a thoughtcrime. For a twentyfirst century reader, this might seem like a new term. The future that Orwell predicts is governed by a totalitarian government. No one can go against the party, in deeds, words nor even thoughts. The Party tells you how to live, eat, dream, even think. Only then you are considered sane. The Thought Police is always on patrol to look out for thoughtcriminails who are reported at the Ministry of Love and made to undergo torutre and turned sane or vaporised (killed in utter anonymity) in case they do not mend their ways. This is how George Orwell predicted the world to be in the year

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