20 Events Of The 1920s Timeline Essay

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Timeline- 20 events

1920- The radio became popular:
It becomes a news source and an entertainment source.
1920- 19th amendment was passed:
The 19th amendment has now passed and women now have the right to vote for their country
1920- New president is elected
Warren G. Harding is elected president of the United States
1921- Sacco and Vanzetti had been convicted
They were charged with committing robbery and murder at the shoe factory in South Braintree
1921- Quota act is passed:
Allowed only a certain amount of immigrants into the U.S
1922- Louis Armstrong plays for King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band in Chicago
1923- president harding dies:
President Harding dies and Coolidge tries to clean up scandals and is elected president in 1924
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Ford was invented and it caused roads to become better and also caused gas stations to be built and homes started coming with driveways and garages
1923- Time Magazine went public
They started publishing news stories in the Times Magazines for people to read
1924- KKK was reborn
They despised blacks and terrorized them with violence
1925- the scopes trial takes place in Tennessee
The trial where it made it illegal for teachers to teach evolution
1925-John scopes creates a national conflict:
John broke the law caused by fundamentalism and caused a massive conflict nationwide
1925-The Great Gatsby is published:
The classic novel The Great Gatsby is published by Scott F. Fitzgerald
1927- Babe ruth got 60 home runs
He was the first to get 60 home runs in baseball
1927-Charles Lindbergh had flew across the Atlantic:
He was the very first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone without making any stops
1928-The Kellogg-Briand pact was signed by 15 countries
They agreed to try and eliminate war.
1928-Walt Disney created a steamboat:
He created a steamboat for Disney representing Mickey Mouse
1929: Wall Street crash:
It was a big event that started the great depression
1929- Turf wars became big:
Gangs became big and started growing and turf gang wars became popular and …show more content…

There were popular films such as Walt Disney's Steamboat Willie and The Jazz Singer. Movie theaters were very popular. Concerts with music also became big in the 1920s. Georgia O’Keeffe grew along with her artwork and many people started to admire the art in paintings. They also played mahjong, crosswords, and went to sports stadiums to watch sports.

The prohibition started because they were trying to ban people from drinking. This is because they believed too much drinking led to child and spouse abuse, crimes, and accidents happening while people are on the job, believed it was a sin, and many other things. It failed because they couldn't earn enough money to pass the law. To get around the prohibition people went underground to speakeasies where they would speak quietly so they did not draw attention to themselves while they drank. The 18th amendment is to be thanked for the start and ending of prohibition.

A famous gangster was Al Capone from Chicago. He was known for killing off his competition to take control of the liquor business. He was found guilty for the killing of 522 people. He also opened illegal breweries and bootlegged the whisky from Canada as he ran 10,000

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