2012 Dbq Rhetorical Analysis

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Political ads are a way to persuade you to vote for one political party or the other. Every 4 years, there is an election between democrats and republicans that will help decide the next president of the United States. These campaigns between the democrats and the republicans are the strategies candidates use to win your vote. During the election season, there is many speeches made by both the people who are running for president. Debates between the two sides can sway your vote to one side or the other depending on what the candidates say.

During the election year of 1984, Walter Mondale was the democratic nominee for president. Geraldine Ferraro was the first woman nominated to run as a vice presidential candidate by a major party. Mondale used the strategy of testimonials or endorsements as his political propaganda, targeting retired people, paperworkers, and Asian Americans. The information of Mondale to have used this type of propaganda is in his ads, such as “Asian Americans for Mondale Ferraro” and “Retirees Support Mondale-Ferraro” (Doc A). This strategy is not informative because there is no evidence that Mondale will do anything for retired people or Asian Americans. Also, Mondale is only for Asian Americans, retired …show more content…

Romney’s phrase was “believe” while Obama 's was “hope”. The evidence that they both used this type of strategy is on the shirts and stickers shown in Document E. This strategy is very informative because many people will be able to see these shirts and sticker from other people or in stores. This might have persuaded them to vote one side or the other. The effectiveness of this strategy is high, many people today go shopping and would see the shirts, or go out and would see the stickers. Glittering Generalities is a very ethical way to campaign because many people would see these slogans and would help them with their voting to Obama or

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