3 Specific Examples Of Verbal Communication

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3 specific examples of verbal communication displayed in the episode that illustrate the guidelines for using verbal messages effectively, as outlined in Chapter 4 in your text
1. Rachael’s quick response to George when he said hello to her. She got up and quickly dismissed herself. When she left he said “what kind of greeting was that”. This fits under the confirmation category. I don’t think George knew he was going to get a response like that from Racheal, however, he accepted the response. It seems as though he and Racheal have that sarcastic relationship with one another, so they don’t take anything very personal. Instead they acknowledge it and are able to function around it.
2. When Jerry explained to George that he and the other friends
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Jerry, Kramer and Elaine’s facial expression when Jane returned topless asking is they wanted anything to drink. Everyone but Kramer avoided looking at her, instead they looked in different directions to take the attention away from Jane’s chest. Jerry and Elaine neutralized their facial expression as Jane approached so it seemed like they were not paying attention to her being topless. They hid their excitement of Jane having a “nice rack”. However, Kramer on the other hand starred the entire time. Without covering up his excitement for seeing her chest out in the open.
2. Jerry and Elaine’s face when they first get to see the baby they were surprised (in a bad way). They both turned their body away from the baby, and avoided eye contact with the baby and the parents. In chapter 5 it is summarized that people avoid eye contact when they are experiencing extreme unpleasantness, and apparently the baby was not so pleasant to the eye. Normally when we look at babies, we want to hold them for a little while. In this episode they avoided touching the baby, by not asking to hold him. The only person who held him was the

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