5 Reasons Why Classroom Pets Are A Great Idea

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“Back to School: 5 Reasons Why Classroom Pets Are A Great Idea.” Texas Alliance For
Homeless Pets. Accessed 7 Mar. 2017.
Outlines specific reasons that classroom pets are beneficial to students and provides further information on these statements. Claims that pets provide new ways to learn, encourage a nurturing attitude, build self-esteem, teach responsibility, and soon become friends. States the different opportunities that having a classroom pet provides, such as different instructional techniques incorporating the pets. Connects with other sources as it delineates the certain benefits of having a classroom pet has, and goes into further detail. Differs from other sources as it provides a in depth explanation of each qualities that having a classroom pet might instill on the students. Relates to thesis because it directly states the different …show more content…

Claims that pets make the classroom experience more relatable whether a child has had exposure or not, and provides a new learning experience. Presumes that the presence of animals lessens the tension in a classroom. States that it helps children’s health as studies show that kids from houses with pets have a better chance of fighting off infection compared to kids from households without pets. Discusses how animals help children with their emotions and can relieve stress, and how this is especially beneficial in a classroom setting. Connects pets to encouraging a nurturing relationship among children, building self-esteem, and teaching responsibility. Provides broad overview of all the benefits of pets in the classroom versus other sources that focus on one specific area. Connects with other sources by delineating specifically the character traits that having classroom pets can build, such as responsibility. Relates to the thesis by showing that animals in the classroom have a substantial benefit to the student in several

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