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First Grade Class Pet Recommendation There are hundreds of class pets you can get! You can have fun with all of them, from a little insect to a rabbit! But, sometimes, it is hard to find which one you want. Some class pets that I prefer and suggest are caterpillars, turtles, and a rabbit! Not only are these pets fun and awesome, they are also easy to take care of! The first pet that I prescribe is a caterpillar. I know it sounds like a very weird class pet to have, but in some ways, it is very special. A caterpillar is a very easy animal to take care of. The kids will seem very interested in the caterpillar, and at the end, it turns into a butterfly! Different kinds of caterpillars/butterflies eat different kinds of plants. For example, the Monarch, a very picky eater, only eats milkweed plants. A caterpillar called “Wooly Bear” eats plants close to the ground like grass and clovers. That is really easy to get! Also, a caterpillar is really cheap and their home is too! All you need is a plastic box, that is 3 or 4 times bigger than …show more content…

This animal is very cuddly and soft and the most student-safe out of these three pets! They are very social, active, and playful! Rabbits are usually very tame, gentle, and quiet which is perfect for a class pet. This animal can also be trained, which can entertain the kids very well. This pet is not low maintenance, obviously. But, it is worth it! Rabbits eat fresh grass hay, fresh vegetables and greens. I know it sounds weird, but if you want to own rabbits, you need to groom their fur, bathe them, and also cut their nails shorter! As an extra, you can give your rabbit treats and safe toys! This pet needs a large cage with hiding areas and an optional bedding that ranges from newspaper to cut-up cardboard or straw. As you can tell, they aren’t as easy to take care of like caterpillars, but they are worth it because you can cuddle with them and physically love

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