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Introduction(Guinea Pig Care)
When deciding to get a guinea pig potential owners at first glance think that adopting a guinea pig is a simple process. Suddenly, however, they come to realize that they don't know where to look to adopt a guinea pig or even how to care for one. Is the nearby pet store somewhere that a person should look or is the local animal shelter a better option? These are the main questions that buzz through a first time pet owners mind. How does someone even know that a guinea pig is the right choice when getting a pet for the first time? In this paper we will discuss everything that a first time guinea pig owner will need to know when caring for a guinea pig and why going …show more content…

When looking for a first time pet there are many places to look. Having a pet is all about how much love and attention that the owner is willing to give and guinea pigs need lots of attention. Many different places have guinea pigs. Just a few of these places are the pet store, local animal shelter, and even guinea pig breeders themselves. Adopting a guinea pig is a big decision. Many people believe that their nearby pet store is the best option when seeking to adopt an animal but this isn't always the case. There are many sweet guinea pigs waiting to be adopted at local animal shelters. A sad and little known fact about pet stores is that they often mistreat their animals and use them for breeding purposes. ("Animal shelter, breeder, or pet shop?," 2015) Pet stores rely on caring people who believe that they are rescuing a guinea pig from a terrible life. At pet stores it is very easy for someone to buy a pet on impulse. Impulse buying is less of a problem at animal shelters because potential pet owners are screened to make sure that they are a good fit for adoption. This process makes it easier for animal shelters to make sure that animals are adopted by people who will give them a good home. Animal shelters and buying directly from a breeder are thought to be the best options when adopting a guinea pig. The animals at local animal shelters are healthy and well fed. Guinea pigs from pet stores, however, …show more content…

Caring for any pet is a lot of responsibility but it is more than worth it when you see how special the life of a pet owner can be. Caring for a guinea pig is no exception to this rule. One of the most important factors to consider when bringing your new pet home is his cage. A guinea pigs cage cannot be too small because this is where he spends most of his time at. According to the Human Society's website, one guinea pig can live in a cage that is 7.5 square feet but a cage that is 30x36 is even better ("Guinea pig housing," 2016) When thinking about your cage size you should also take into account that guinea pigs live more happily in pairs which would result in you needing to buy a bigger sized cage. If you decide to get more than one guinea pig a cage that is 30x50 is preferred but the bigger the cage the happier the guinea pigs are. ("Guinea pig housing," 2016) Think of it from your guinea pigs point of view. if you had a tiny living space and only got to get occasional visits outside of your cage you wouldn't be too happy either. A larger cage leaves more room for your guinea pig to explore and most importantly exercise. Another issue that comes with cages is what type of bedding to use. Cedar and pine shavings are not recommended because of the harmful chemicals that they contain and the fact that your guinea pig could accidentally inhale them. Paper bedding is considered to be the best option and is a

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