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8 Days Reception, Movie and, Panel Notes The Reception Prior to the movie a there was a reception hosted by Dignity Health. They served snacks and drinks and allowed people to talk before finding seats. There were pamphlets available and some information in the lobby offered as well. The Movie 8 Days told the story of Amber Stevens a sixteen year old girl who experienced being sold into the world of sex trafficking. It was a shocking and realistic look into a world that most of our community does not know exists. Amber Stevens was tricked and sold into sex trafficking by people she knew. They lived in her neighborhood and went to her school. This was not the story of a young girl being picked up by the side of the road or a runaway being …show more content…

The CSEC Taskforce is fairly new in Tehama County. The point of this event was to inform the community about the taskforce and educate the community about the resources available. There were many professionals, parents from the community, and even teens and pre-teens at this event. It was refreshing to see youth at this event as that is the age group that is affected most by sex trafficking. The panel consisted of Staff from multiple agencies, • Sister Pat from Dignity Health, Sr. Director of Dignity Health, Steve Dickerson (CPS), Mitchell Bowman (Rape Crisis), Richard Knox (Sheriff’s Department), and Greg Cohan (DA) The questions mostly centered on, when this information would be available in schools, where to receive more information on the subject, how to follow the CSEC Taskforce and receive updates, Statistics on how many children and youth are affected in Tehama County, how to identify someone who is trafficking and how to get away, and what is the standard time frame for RBPD to get involved with a missing child. Examples of the Q&A Q: How soon can we get information and trainings into local …show more content…

They have information on where to get help. Preventative measures however would be to talk with your kids, make sure they are aware of stranger danger. Monitor access to social media and talk to them about who they are talking to on social media. Talk to kids about how they are presenting on social media (Such as “life’s not fair, having a bad day, expressing difficulties with parents or family, etc.) because it is an avenue for predators and traffickers to key in on victims. Have a plan with your children so that they feel they can call or text you with no consequences when they are in a situation that they feel is

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