9/11 Persuasive Speech

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“If you vote for RJ, you obviously enjoy 9/11.” This was a tweet from a teen in RJ Khalaf’s class when he was running for student body president. The teen said this because RJ was Muslim, but RJ knows that about 98% of Muslims are just like him. That they don’t mean any harm, like the terrorists from 9/11 did. Also, a 7th-grade girl, Helaina Hovitz, survived 9/11. Even though there was a major amount of terror, there is still hope from the day September 11th, 2001. Rafat “RJ” Khalaf, was five years old when the twin towers were crushed. He was so confused as he watched his mother cry, while holding his newborn baby brother. “Why were people on the news saying that Muslims were doing these terrible things?” he thought. He respected America, and he loved it, but America didn’t love him back. Later, he learned in school what was happening several years ago, and he understood why the news people were saying all the terrible things. When he went to high school, he ran for student body president, and a teen in his class tweeted “If you vote for RJ, you obviously enjoy 9/11.” He was hurt at how racist this was, but he proved him wrong. …show more content…

She was going to school on the regular New York City morning. There were the usual car horns, yelling, clicks of heels, but also the happiness of all the people. In her class, she heard a big crash thinking it was just the trash truck, but it wasn’t. She rushed to the window, followed by all of the other kids,and they saw the devastating, gaping, burning hole in the top of the south tower. Just minutes later, the north tower got attacked. Parents and children were scattered around the school trying to find each other. When she went outside with her grandparents who came to get her, she saw ghosts. Helaina was wondering why there were only ghosts covered in ash, and not humans. In a window, she saw her reflection and realized that she looked like a ghost

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