9/11 Short Stories

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Tap! Tap! Tap! Timothy shook his antique watch, it always would jump back anywhere from a minute to an hour if he wasn’t paying attention. Looking out the window, he saw hundreds of kids and parents were scrambling to get on the train and saying their goodbyes. The squeals and screeches of their eagles and other pets added to the already deafening noise. Timothy looked back from the train window to the inside of his cabin, it was empty as always. As always he was the first on the train out of his friends, he knew it made much more sense to say goodbye to his parents before arriving at the station so he could just walk right on. If his watch was even close to right, he still had at least an hour until they left for school. He was looking forward to another year at wizarding school, perhaps if he took a …show more content…

Timothy jolted to his feet and pulled out his wand.
“Calm down dude,” Jerry said, “it’s probably just the animals again.” Tim took a peek out the door, seeing nothing he quickly closed and locked it.
“We need to get out of here,” he said, “Something horrible will happen if we don’t warn everyone.”
Since Tim woke up he was trying to figure out what had happened, had he been dreaming? He looked at his watch, it seemed to be stuck at what he assumed to be the time he had woken up. At Jerry’s request, he explained his situation as Tim needed him to be at his best, with a sense of danger.
“Ok” Jerry muttered with a tone of disbelief, “How-” a scream interrupted him.
“We need to go now!” Tim shouted. He pulled open the cabin door and saw a flash of green light. As he fell to the floor he saw the hands of his watch spinning like crazy…

Screeeeeeeech! Timothy sat back up, rather than acting right away, he just took the time to think. He wondered why he kept being revived. His watch was still stuck at a time of only a few seconds ago, Tim was too afraid to mess with it in case it broke his loop. He knew this situation was to his advantage, if

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