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For my first reading assignment I have read Brave New World, written by Aldous Huxley. I chose this book because I got interested by reading some reviews and also because the book isn’t too long to read. This book covers many themes that got my interest such as social classes, capitalism, society, conditioning and morals. But the one that totally got my interest was conditioning, because I can see some similarities with today’s world. Conditioning is essential in this story; everyone in this story lives in the so-called World State and since natural reproduction no longer exists, everyone is arificially raised in “hatcheries and conditioning centres”. Since this book is written in 1931, it’s a remarkably good prediction of the future, because scientists now have invented in vitro …show more content…

On the other hand, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon fetuses are subjected to chemical interference, to stunt their intelligence and physical growth. Those fetuses will be members of the working class who will fulfill simple tasks. This got my interest because the lower castes are bred for low intelligence and conditioned not to think so that there is not revolt and stability is maintained. They are discouraged of critical/scientific thinking and literature is banned, this reminds me of the Middle Ages, where poor people are kept illiterate, uneducated and under pressure of the church to keep them restrained. However people began to stand up for themselves and this has led to the Enlightenment. In this book the problem is solved by poisoning the fetuses and conditioning them witch electric shocks at a very early age. When they are no longer babies but toddlers, they are conditioned to have promiscuous sex lives and to have no relationships or babies. This lets me think of the sexualization of young children in the media during these days. It seems like in this story, the situation escalated and children are forced to learn these

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