A Bridge To Wiseman's Cove Character Analysis

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Throughout ‘A bridge to Wiseman’s cove’, James Moloney introduces to characters who are in despair. However, the reader is shown how the characters are rescued with the support of each other. The protagonist Carl Matt is in despair after moving to Wattle Beach, because his mother and sister leave him and his younger brother. Joy, a middle-aged woman is also portrayed as a character who is afraid to give love to her daughter. Another individual, Graham Duncan, commonly known as Skip is a character who is rescued from despair.

Despair is a large subject in Carl Matt’s life. Carl is an introvert teenager who belongs to a dysfunctional single-parent family. The reader follows Carl as he settles into Wattle Beach. He begins to face emotional …show more content…

He was in despair because of the incident caused by Dessie Matt. Skip is hesitant to give work to Carl after he finds out he is a Matt. After convincing from Joy, Skip reluctantly agrees to give him work on a trial basis. When Carl comes up with a plan to make the cars come aboard their barge, Skip is extremely happy and decides to keep Carl permanently as his worker. “You’re the best thing that could have happened.” (Pg.191.) This quote describes that the Duncan’s’ have acted against the erroneous stereotypical views of the town about the Matts. Hence, Skip is freed from despair since he develops a trustful relationship with the Matts and regains a decent financial position.

To conclude, ‘A bridge to Wiseman’s cove’ is a story of hope and how teamwork and support from friends and family can help people be rescued from despair. Carl becomes more confident towards himself, and finally gets a family that understands and value him. Joy rediscovers the motherly love inside her and develops strong bonds with the three children. Skip, similar as Carl, frees himself from the misery through rebuilding strong relations with others. Carl, Joy, and Skip were rescued with the support of each

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