A Brief Summary Of Red Platoon By Clinton Romesha

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Red Platoon by Clinton Romesha gives the reader a first person view of a solider during the events leading battle of Kamdesh. The book starts off by covering Clinton’s tours in Iraq and his training back at Fort Carson in Colorado springs. As the book progresses it explains what the day to day life at COP (Combat Outpost) Keating and all the concerns of the soldiers at the outpost. Next the book explains what each soldier was doing during the battle and it explains all the people it took to liberate the base. The book concludes by explaining what each soldier's life was after the battle and explains how Clinton Romesha received his medal of honor.

I believe that the author wrote this book to show what real war is like and to honor the lives …show more content…

I had never heard of the battle of Kamdesh until reading this book. One thing that really surprised me was how the bureaucratic system of the military failed the soldiers. It appeared that the system was more concerned about saving money that the safety of the soldiers. An example of this was whenever the soldiers would request for supplies to reinforce the base they were always given the same response of the military isn’t going to invest more money into a base that were are going to disassemble in a few months. Another thing that surprised me was how many problems were created by the desertion of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl. In order to make an attempt to find Sergeant Bergdahl the army and to dedicate air resources to search for him. This meant that resupply missions were more and more scarce and the airborne resupply network was being strained. The most surprising side effect of the desertion was how it pushed back the evacuation of COP Keatings. In fact, Keatings was originally planned to evacuated before October. This meant that if Sergeant Bergdahl had never deserted it was a possiblity that the battle of Kamdesh may have never occurred. In conclusion Red Platoon is an inspiring and eye opening book that shows what it was like to be a soldier before, during, and after the battle of

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