A Character Analysis Of Everyman's Morality Play

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Everyman is the surviving morality play written by anonymous. It an example of medieval drama know as morality plays. This play was first staged in England by Charles Edward. Although this was release in fifteen-century it has not yet lost it moral. In this essay I will be analyzing the author’s morals and passion that lead him to write this marvelous play. Everyman was set in ancient manner which had to go along with the time and be relevant to the people. The play was first set in fifteen-century. The costumes they were using in this play were relevant towards the things men often faces. However, this play was about to worn men from turning their backs from the highest God. The design of the costume and the set were about to simple enhance the spectacle and to change the atmosphere of everyman. James (1999, 500) states that men often change their way because of the things of this world. That led them to worship the creature rather the creator. The author omission was to show Everyman is in great trouble of focusing in riches. God sees that Everyman does not obey his rules and does not follow his commandments dreadeth not folly so he determine to send his messenger called Death because Everyman has change their ways of how live for the most highest judicious. The rising action began where the messenger called Death arrives to everyman’s house where he founded him swimming in his riches and death tells him that he is sent by almighty judge to fetch him. So Everyman

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