Us And Them By David Sedaris Analysis

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“Us and Them“:Analysis In David Sedaris writing piece “Us and Them” can be said to be a strong text talking about a young boy’s interest of a non technologized family that differentiates from a normal american family .Sedaris discusses a family moving to a different towns in the narrative. In Sedaris writing a young boy in that family had a curiosity about the daily life of his neighbors known as the Tomkeys, as they were known for being strange from a normal family.The Tomkeys family was known to be different as simply as they did not believe in television.The young boy found amusing ,always spying on the tomkeys daily life , as it was like a television show for him . On the night of halloween the young boy was patiently waiting for the tomkeys but they failed to show up for candy until the day after Halloween. The Tomkeys knocked on their door trick or treating a day late.. The mother demanded to give them candy but the young boy was selfish and greedy , he did it want to give up his candy to the Tomkeys.The mother of the young boy then said “You should look at yourself. I mean really look at yourself” , such as he only thinks about him and no importance to other people. …show more content…

Although his writing can be engaged to an audience who reads the situation the boy is encountering with his neighbors ,but to analyze themselves instead of another person.Therefore the intended purpose of this writing is to not analyze or criticize how a person live, but to analyze themselves , as they could be living their life differently such as being greedy.”You should look at yourself. I mean really look at yourself ” .Therefore the author notifies the audience of the situation he was in throughout his life,through the use of emotional appeal using personal experiences in his life and humor

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