A Christian Worldview: The Ransom Of Red Chief

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The definition of a worldview is a particular philosophy of life or conception of the world. People’s perspective on our world differs. Some might think that there is only one God like Christianity, in multiple gods like Native Americans or that there is no God or gods like Atheist. Keith Drury wrote the article “A Christian Worldview?” and in that article came up with 6 questions to answer to recognize what our worldview is. In the following I will answer these six questions based from my perspective and experience and I will answer the question for Sam from the short story, “The Ransom of Red Chief” by O. Henry. Then I will compare and contrast Sam’s and my answers. The first question in Drury’s article is, what do you believe about God? I believe that the Lord …show more content…

I think that Sam believe that human lives have value. One example of this is how he treats the kid he kidnaps, Johnny. Even though Sam kidnapped Johnny, he treats him very well. He had his friend play with him all day. Also he feeds him. Sam treated him so well that Johnny had more fun when he was kidnapped than he was at his house. At certain times in the story he did not want to go home. Another example is his friend Bill. If Sam did not believe that human lives had value, then he probably would not have Bill as a friend or he would not even want to work with him. What does Sam believe about ethics? I believe that Sam unique view on ethics. The first reason is the motive of getting two thousand dollars. Sam and his friend Bill need to the two thousand dollars because they are trying to swindle estate in western Illinois. This would be bad ethics for Christians because he is breaking the eight commandment, which is you shall not steal. Another example of this is Sam kidnapping a child. Christian or not, it is universally horrible to kidnap a person. Kidnapping is literally stealing a child from a family to get some demand. In Sam’s case, he is kidnapping for

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