A Christmas Carol: Scrooge And Marley By Israel Horovitz

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The American poet Lucy Larcom once said, “A man may make a misanthrope of himself, but he is never one by nature.” In other words, one always has a choice as to how social they are in life, but he/she is never forced to be lonely. In the play A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley by Israel Horovitz, he speaks of a man who has chosen to be a solitary misanthrope, his name is Scrooge and he goes through changes when three spirits visit him. Scrooge is introduced to the audience as a solitary misanthrope that eventually changes into a kind person because of past regrets and future worries caused by the spirits. Throughout the beginning of the play, Scrooge becomes known as a man who keeps his distance, hates everyone and shows no concern for …show more content…

As Scrooge begins to realize that these spirits are here to profit his life further with lessons, he begins to see the mistakes he has made in the past. “Spirit, please, make me visible! I want to talk with my nephew and niece!” (637) . This evidence supports that Scrooge begins to be more affectionate towards his family and others. The quote displays that Scrooge has begun to change into a compassionate person, the change is obvious since he has previously stated that he would rather die than be with his family. After Scrooge joins the Christmas Spirit, Present, he sees how the Cratchits form a toast towards him despite giving them a little money to support their large family, this makes him realize the lesson the spirit has shown him. “Spirit, it must be time for us to take our leave. I feel in my heart that it is… that I must think on that which I have seen here…” (635). This quote supports that Scrooge is changing into a delightful person because after the spirit of Present shows him Cratchit’s family, he learns that one doesn’t need money to be happy. While Scrooge was a rude person, the evidence displays that the spirits have had a positive influence on him, making him become friendlier. Evidently, Scrooge begins to change his demeanor, making it more amiable, because of the spirits

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