A Clockwork Orange Good Vs Evil

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“What does God want? Does God want goodness or the choice of goodness? Is a man who chooses the bad perhaps in some way better than a man who has the good imposed upon him?”.The meaning of this quote is that the act of goodness does not count if one is not able to freely choose it themselves. One should be able to select their own path. No matter what they decide there will be consequences, both good and bad. Later on one should eventually learn whether they made the right decision or not. If one is forced to be a well behaved person, the good acts they commit become worthless for being fake. One should be able to decide their own fate, not be forced to choose one side only. A Clockwork Orange is a significant literature because of the important …show more content…

The man does not recognize Alex, because the day of the attack Alex and his droogs were wearing masks. However, Alex does recognize the man but does not say anything because he needs the man’s kindness so that he could stay to let his wounds heal since the police brutally beat him up. F.Alexander gives shelter to Alex without knowing that Alex is the reason his wife died. When F.Alexander begins to have suspicions about who Alex really is, he states that if Alex is the man who raped and killed his wife he will tear up the boy apart. Although before this statement F.Alexander claims that he is against the way the government has forced Alex to behave well, making even things like music and art, sources of pain to him. This shows that even if people are against something as brutal as the government’s plan to rehabilitate youngsters, they will change their beliefs if there is a greater force and or reason to do so. People will do anything for vengeance. The language in which this book is written is one of the biggest characteristics the book has. One example with this Nadsat slang is the following quote that said, “What was actually done that afternoon there is no need to describe, brothers, as you may easily guess all. Those two were unplattied and smecking fit to crack in no time at all,

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