The Human Struggle: Good Vs. Evil

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The Human Struggle: Good Versus Evil Good and evil is present everywhere. In many shapes and forms, good and evil manifest. It is always around us and always within us. Good is that which is morally right. Someone who is good does the right thing regardless of whether or not anyone will know. People of virtue go out of their way to put others first and think about how they can help others and the world around them. Conversely, evil is understood to be morally repugnant behavior or acts which intentionally cause harm to others. Someone who is bad only thinks about themselves and how they can use others to their own benefit. I think that good and evil is inherent in all of us, as humans, and has been within us since the beginning of our existence. It is impossible to know the exact origin of good and evil, but I suspect it was bestowed upon us by God as a way to test all of us with the concept of free will. The concept of free will gives each of us the right to choose between good and evil. People everywhere need to understand that there will always be bad people out there and people who want to hurt others. Knowing this, we all need to try to always be good and make the world better to create a balance between good and evil. The struggle between good and evil can be shown in many ways. An example for me is when I want to be lazy but in know that I have homework to be doing. Another example of the struggle between doing what’s right and doing what I want to do is when I

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