A Good And Normal Life In Arthur Miller's The Glass Menagerie

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This play's plot talks about the Wingfield family and their struggle to live a good and normal life after they are abandoned by Mr. Wingfield, Amanda's husband and Laura and Tom's father. Tom, the son, financially supports his mother and "crippled" sister. The mother, Amanda, is always concerned about the fact that her daughter Laura does not have any gentlemen callers and sits around the house all day doing nothing except looking out for her glass menagerie. Therefore, she enrolls her in business school but soon find out that Laura has been lying about attending after she embarrasses herself in front of the others. Consequently, Amanda decides that Laura needs to get married to live a happy life and makes it her goal to find a gentleman caller by selling magazine subscriptions. Another thing she finds herself constantly worrying about is Tom staying out late every night and coming back drunk. They have an argument about it and Tom breaks some of Laura's glass figures. Soon after, Amanda asks Tom to find a gentleman caller for Laura at the Warehouse where he works. Tom invites his friend from high school Jim O' Connor to a casual dinner, not telling him…show more content…
Amanda and Laura never get what they want or expect and Tom ends up leaving his family like his father did and feels remorse and guilt for leaving Laura behind. There is a lot of imagery and metaphors in the play. The title of the play "the glass menagerie" is also Laura's glass figurine collection and is a symbol of her fragility since they break easily. Another imagery is the movies. Tom goes to the movies everytime things get tense at home as a means of escape. He also uses alcohol to escape and Amanda hates it because she associates it with her husband and the fact that he left them, which Tom eventually does, so the alcohol is a symbol for

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