Symbolism In The Glass Castle

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The Glass Castle is a memoir by Jeanette Walls in which she tells the story of her childhood and the way she became who she is. Her way to her balanced present was too difficult and full of hardships, yet she managed to become a successful and prosperous person whose life experience gave her a push to make her life happy. It stands to mention that the novel is full of symbols which contribute to reader 's understanding of Jeanette 's character and represent her most important traits and desires. Besides, all the symbols such as the fire, the Joshua tree, the geode and the glass castle are recurring and contribute to understanding the struggle of Jeanette 's childhood and her ability to overcome it and build a successful life. Fire is an …show more content…

Finally, the symbol of the glass castle needs to be discussed. It is an important symbol as it appears in the title and plays a significant role throughout the book. Jeanette 's father dreams of building the glass castle in the desert for his family, and his children are also overtaken with the idea. The glass castle symbolizes fragile illusion Jeanette carry through her childhood believing her father will fulfill his promises, and they will live happy together in the perfect house of their dream. She sees the castle as a matter of family unity, as she wants to work on it together. “I was certain that once everyone saw the amazing transformation of the house begin, they 'd all join in”, she thinks, but her relatives are reluctant to contribute to their dream building, and she cannot do it alone. When Jeanette admits her father will not build the house and lets her dream go, she became mature as she is no more trapped in the empty illusion and can see the life as it is. Jeanette Walls ' The Glass Castle is an outstanding example of symbolism that is used to help the reader understand the main character 's nature better. The fire, the Joshua tree, the geode and the glass castle are used to show Jeanette 's struggle through the hardships of life and her ability to take control over it

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