A Good Man Is Hard To Find Foreshadowing Analysis

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Today, I’ll be introducing you to a couple of foreshadows in the story, “A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” by Flannery O’Connor. For those that don’t know what foreshadow means; it means to give hints to what’s going to happen later on in the story. Also, I’ll be explaining the tension and suspense in the foreshadows. The First foreshadow I’ll be talking about is when the grandma didn’t want to go to Florida. Instead, she wanted to go to Tennessee. She showed the news that talked about the Misfit that escaped the Federal Pen to her son who was wanting to go to Florida. Later on in the story they met him at Red Sammy’s Famous Barbecue, but didn’t realize that it was the Misfit. Next, they crashed on the way to the plantation due to grandma noticing

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