A Liberal-Democratic Government

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The author’s perspective in this source is of a liberal-democratic nature, the author’s ideology is that the citizens should keep the government in check in order to prevent corruption and keep an honest government. Canadians should embrace the ideology of this source for it will preserve the rights and freedoms of Canadians and create an accountable and honest government through a system of checks and balances. The sources ideology will give power to the citizens and less government control over the economy and that is the main ideology of democracy and liberalism. Lobby groups are a perfect example of a people’s way of making sure that the government reflects their will. The MADD (Mothers against Drunk Driving) lobby group has influenced the government into putting new traffic laws that reduced the amount of citizens being killed by drunk driving. …show more content…

That shows that the lobbying system works in democratic nations. Opposition parties is another example that supports the ideology of the source. The ideology suggests that a system of checks and balances be created in order for the government to represent the will of the people correctly and within the law. Opposition parties will always be opposed to the government actions in order to compromise a solution which pleases both parties, in turn that compromise will reflect the will of the people better than when one party is deciding what bills to pass and so on. Free press is also part of the checks and balances system. Free press is a way of informing the citizens of a nation what the government is doing with their power. Free press conducts interviews with the leaders of a nation to make sure that the will of the people is being reflected in their decisions and that the government remains accountable. The ideological perspective of the source should be embraced in order to create an uncorrupt

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