A Raisin In The Sun Betrayal Quotes

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Betrayal is the act of violating someone’s trust. Learning to gain someone’s confidence doesn’t come easy, especially when growing up in the streets of racial segregation and poverty in South Side, Chicago. Many times we as humans take advantage of our surroundings and sometimes people we love in order to gain something we believe we will benefit from. By allowing the head of the family, usually the oldest male, to make executive decisions for the family, we risk having to deal with their masculine choices and selfishness ways. Walter Lee Jr. gives us a prime example of this in the play A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry. Wanting to prove to his family that he is “man enough” to pull them forward, he makes a selfish decision to spend money that isn’t his. This being sixty-five hundred dollars worth of insurance money his father left behind after passing. Shortly after the decision he made lacking the consent of his family, this becomes his lowest moment and breaking point. …show more content…

Not even my own mother." Walter feels betrayed by the family and especially the mother when they don't support his dream for the liquor store and is disappointed with the purchase of a house. He wants their respect and support, but when he doesn't receive it--goes crazy by missing work, dancing "African", and becoming very rude. As the man of the household he feels that all decisions should be made by him and by Mama rejecting his offer, he feels let down by his own family. Family is the most important part of your success as well the biggest support you could have and that is what makes their rejection of Walter’s dream so

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