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A Brazilian author named Paulo Coelho once said “Everything which is done in the present, affects the future by consequence, and the past by redemption.” This quote demonstrates how your actions can affect your future, but they can also redeem you from your past. Author Khaled Hosseini writes about how one action can change your future, and the journey through seeking redemption. In his novel The Kite Runner, Hosseini uses the character Amir to show how jealousy can result in actions of betrayal which causes guilt and the need to redeem the past in order to feel peace at last.
While seeking his father's attention, Amir's growing jealousy of Hassan's relationship with Baba causes him to do an act of betrayal he will never forget. Amir has wanted …show more content…

Baba always wanted his kid to play soccer and be “normal”, and Baba’s fantasy of a child separated the both of them. One day Amir overheard Baba talking with his great friend Rahim Khan in the study room about his childhood, and how Amir is way different to how Baba was as a kid. He describes how Amir is more shy and likes to read books instead of interacting in sports. He also pointed out how Amir never stood up for himself and how “when the neighborhood boys tease him...Hassan steps in and fends them off” (Hosseini 22). Amir gets very upset after hearing Baba speak about him like that, and feels self conscious about himself and their relationship, starting the jealousy towards Hassan. Amir does everything to feel close to his father, so when the kite tournament came around in the winter of 1975, he knew he had to win. Not just for himself but for Baba. Amir did just that, he had won the kite tournament with the help of Hassan. After Amir cut the kite, Hassan ran for the last cut kite to give to Amir. Hours past and Amir didn’t see Hassan anywhere so he went looking for him and found him in the alley way. However he wasn’t alone, Assef and his gang cornered Hassan. Amir did

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