A Review Of Laura Hillenbrand's Unbroken

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In Unbroken, Laura Hillenbrand argues that the allied servicemen and prisoners of war in World War II contributed immeasurable sacrifices for humanity. Hillenbrand’s biography about Louie Zamperini provides an authentic portrayal of a soldier and prisoner of war (POW) during World War II. The New York Times bestseller novel focuses on the importance in family bonds and friendship throughout struggle. Likewise, optimism and hope serve as vital coping mechanisms in warfare circumstances. Hillenbrand explores the effects of physical and mental conditioning for self improvement and during times of inhuman cruelty. The author elaborates on PTSD and life after the war for Zamperini until he finds absolution. Overall, Unbroken is an empowering informational text, telling Louie’s story against the major world events of the twentieth century. Laura Hillenbrand reveals the extremes of Louie’s life from 1918 to 1950 using historic details of the story. Hillenbrand writes using a third person narrator. This perspective is beneficial for writing a biography, allowing further information to be obtained from research. Third person is a…show more content…
She discusses all of the dramatic events that occurred throughout Louie Zamperini’s lifetime. From elaborate mishap in his youth, to becoming the best runner in his school district, his state and finally one of America’s best runners that went to the Olympics in Berlin to meet Hitler. Then, he was enlisted in the United States Army Air Corps for combat in WWII, survived a plane crash across the Pacific, survived as a prisoner of war and even surpassed marriage problems, financial problems, alcoholism, and other postwar trials. All of these incidents were vital to be mentioned. If the reader had not known every nook and cranny of Zamperini’s life, the reader would not understand how valiantly Louie and his fellow servicemen and POW’s fought for our
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