A Rhetoric Analysis Of On The Plate By Toby Morris

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For my rhetoric analysis of "On the Plate" by Toby Morris, I learned to thoroughly summarize his main points of his comic strip and was able to identify the purpose of his text. By doing this I was able to inform and allow my readers to think critically about the topic of privileges. While analyzing my paper I made sure to include many rhetorical devices that the author used to help strengthen my analysis paper. When looking for the rhetorical devices, I wrote a journal that helped me brainstorm ideas on how the author wanted his audience to react. Some of the devices he used was how he structured his comic strip to help his readers view it clearly and can still understand it easily. I made sure to add who he made a side by side layout and structured in both a timeline and …show more content…

I included this because I knew that my audience would connect well due to them knowing how it feels to have challenges as they grow up. For the compare and contrast, it made sense to include this because it made it obvious how different each character lives were. I had them acknowledge and recognize the circumstances of what each character had due to their lifestyle that they presented. Another rhetoric device that I included was the use of pathos that Toby Morris used in his text. I made sure to have this written because it help my readers learn a lesson about privileges. In my journal entry, I added a quick description of the author to help me analysis the kind of person he was and his certain interests. This gave me a guess about the type of writer he was and what he usually did for a living. Adding all this information in my journal entry gave me a base to where I wanted to start on for my analysis and how I can persuade my readers. Looking back I wish I had the knowledge that I have now to include more evidence towards privileges and add how it projected in our current society

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