A Rhetorical Analysis Of Arguments

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1) Of the three primary units we have completed in this course, the most challenging unit for me was the argument (persuasion) unit. I was surprised at how much I struggled both in the pre-writing process and in the writing process. To begin with, because I love arguments, I had trouble choosing a topic. In the end, I decided to challenge myself with the policy that requires sex offender to be added to a public registry policy. Instead of going with my initial stance (opposition), I decided to flip the scrip and argue the opposite of what I believe (proposition). It was definitely difficult to adopt different views on something that seems so open and shut. To my surprise, I was enlightened on the detriments of the sex offender policy. This …show more content…

I feel that as well as being very educational, I actually enjoyed this unit quite a bit. I love to argue; in other words, I am always asking “why?”. This unit shed light on many of the fallacious points in many people’s arguments. I learned how to identify logical fallacies of the opposition. I also learned the effect that logical fallacies have on an argument––both undetected and detected. Through the analysis of the numerous arguments that we have read throughout the course, I have learned how to effectively catch logical fallacies in arguments. Although the use of appeals was a review from high school, I had trouble telling the difference and distinguishing which appeal was which. I have learned how to differentiate and distinguish emotional from rational rom ethical appeals in literary works. I was able to apply what I’ve learned to the presidential debates, which shed light on the candidates’ arguments. I learned that using fallacies can be dangerous, especially in an important event. If it is not detected, it could sway the results of the election. I was also able to apply what I’ve learned to advertisements. I learned that advertisements attempt to capture the consumers by way of logical

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