A Rhetorical Analysis Of Speech By John Calhoun

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In Calhoun’s speech, it’s quite apparent that these are the opinions the average white southerner. Before the reader has a chance to grasp the subject of the matter, Calhoun blatantly makes a threat by saying the coming years, the North will be “succeeded by those who will have been taught to hate the people and institutions of nearly one-half of this Union, with a hatred more deadly than one hostile nation ever entertained towards another.” He’s basically saying, “We’re not best buds, to begin with, but now you’re going to act like the boss and try to make us get rid of slavery. If you don’t get off our back about this, our hatred towards you is just going to grow until finally, we just conquer you.” John Calhoun also believed in separation …show more content…

He’s threatening to split up with the North because of its large correlation with the abolitionist movement. He wants to cease the relationship between the North and South and finally become two independent nations, where their opinion will thrive.
John Calhoun believes that there should never be a separation of the Southern religious society. He believes the root of the peace and happiness of the two races in the South is dependent on slavery. If the South relies on slavery to make them happy and peaceful, so be it. In slavery, the Africans are believed to be morally, intellectually, and physically improved, therefore, they are considered to be more civilized.
John Calhoun's goal at this time is to stay neutral within opinions. The whites in the north are equal to the ones in the South, therefore, we shall not favor one opinion over the other. All people of different color have to come together and build a positive relationship. With slavery, the South has continued to prosper and to be an influential part in the nation’s …show more content…

However there is one big difference between the tenants in Europe and the slaves in America. The slaves in America have better living standards than that of the poor Europeans. They have room for relationships between family, friends and even their masters or mistresses who can tend to their injuries and sickness. On the other hand, slaves in Europe have more restrictions that take these certain luxuries away from them.
What the North and South are basically two nations that are greatly different in terms of condition of society. The danger of conflict was among them at this time, almost concluding in a war. The North’s lack of order is causing the abolitionist movement to run rampant through both the North and the South, whereas the South’s laws and ideals on slavery are what makes the slave-owning states “more stable and quiet”.
All the of the society's around America, desire is to conclude with concert;To unite as one. This is the only, imminent solution to avoid battling against the opposing party, with an argument that can be easily avoided and resolved. In the end, we need to learn to, “Lay aside all party differences and unite with zeal and energy in repelling approaching

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