A Rose That Grew From Concrete Analysis

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The rose that grew from concrete
The picture I chose was a rose that grew from concrete. I chose this picture because it has a powerful message to send. That message is interpreted in many ways. I sometimes look at the picture, and it allows me to persevere through challenging times, to overcome obstacles not only in school but life. We as people, tend to be absent-minded of our surroundings. We are tainted by our phones and social media. We're too busy to observe what is happening in front of our eyes. While a rose, a symbol of beauty and love grows from a hard- concrete surface waiting for someone to stop and stare or even glance. The rose is a metaphor for someone who grew up in a harsh environment, yet they were able to prosper in life. Dorothy Allison reminisces how she saw a painting of Jesus when she was a child. Allison was amazed in wonder. She said, "art should surprise and astonish, and hopefully make you think something you had not thought until you saw it." The rose that grew from concrete makes me contemplate …show more content…

I see people walking with their face buried in their phone. When people talk to each other, it doesn't like a conversation. Rather than, talking to someone This picture symbolizes that we have become absent-minded of our surroundings. We would not even notice a rose growing out of concrete. Beauty surrounds us in our environment. Often people can walk by something and won't notice unless they slow down and take time to discern true beauty and art. People hurdle through their busy lives, and they are always in a rush to get to where they need to go. Sometimes people don't know where they're going in life, yet they still rush through it. When people decide to make the deliberate, conscious choice to slow down and observe something in their environment, it will allow them to be thankful for the small minute details of their lives otherwise would have gone

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