Importance Of Shared Knowledge

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Knowledge is a more than a collection of facts; it encompasses information gathered and the skills acquired through, either education or experience, a production that stems from one or more human minds. Essentially the two different types of knowledge are shared and personal. The former refers to socially established methods of obtaining knowledge. It is based on facts and concepts, as well as standards of rationality. Shared knowledge travels across borders and generations. Various areas of knowledge have their roots in shared knowledge, for example the religious knowledge system, history and art. The multitudinous contributions of various cultures and individuals enrich shared knowledge. The outcome is infinite. Knowledge is available as a database to be referenced, altered and modified by any knowledge seeker. In the process shared knowledge acquires extra dimensions and its contents are enriched. The body of knowledge that exists at a particular time period may seem stationery due to parallax error. When subject to the process of thorough examination and investigation, the horizons of shared knowledge are bound to expand through modifications and valuable addition. The foundations of personal knowledge lie in shared knowledge and the uncertainties, changes and dynamics of shared knowledge eventually affect personal knowledge.

A series of individual experiences contribute to Personal Knowledge. It is further defined by the statement, “I know”, which implies that
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