The Importance Of Robust Knowledge

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1. 6. “Robust knowledge requires both consensus and disagreement.” Discuss this claim with reference to two areas of knowledge. The Human Race has always felt in need for having consensus and disagreement in what concerns to knowledge. “Robust” knowledge itself can be defined as a type of ability that allows humans to apply it in their own world of things and at the same time be able to make use of it. The Greeks referred to this type of knowledge as techne. This essay will focus on the knowledge requirements and how different areas of knowledge rely on both consensus and disagreement to achieve a robust knowledge. History and Arts both in general need so much consensus as disagreement, to create the common goal of achieving what is call a higher level knowledge. History focuses on the study of the past as it is described in ancient documents. The facts that usually make part of history books require the participation of many historians after observations and investigations about the topics to make a consensus. Historians, based on patterns will usually have a specific point of view. These point of views usually have really crucial information that must be confirmable in order to ensure their validity, usually varying depending on the side the historian takes when writing the story. Most of the time historians are tested by the use of the Historical Method. This method is in charge of making sure the guidelines and techniques by which historians usually use evidence

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