Essay On Value Of Knowledge

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Theory of Knowledge Essay

“Without application in the world, the value of knowledge is greatly diminished.” Consider this claim with respect to two areas of knowledge.

In contemporary society, it is often argued that the value of knowledge is determined by its application to the real life situations. I am of an emphatic opinion that without application, the value of knowledge certainly abates. This essay will discuss the statement with the aid of Mathematics and Natural sciences as the two areas of knowledge.

The reason that attracted me to discuss this knowledge question is that it was the title that evoked the most reaction and emotion from me. As a student who wants to specialize in the field of engineering, I thought writing this essay would be a fascinating opportunity to explore the definition of application and the value of knowledge application and value especially caught my eye. I decided that the most suitable areas of knowledge to discuss this statement were …show more content…

Even if it might provide us incorrect data or if there was a problem in the process of application, this can later be opted out and people will know what is not right and hence could search for alternative methods. Moreover, the field of Natural sciences has been based on paradigm shifts. Our knowledge of what was previously regarded as the absolute truth has been turned out to be false several times and has been replaced by relatively “more perfect” knowledge. Therefore, even if the results obtained through application could lead to results that is not in accordance with people’s expectation, this, in the long term, can possibly lead to progression of knowledge that is much closer to the absolute truth and hence the extrinsic value of knowledge will increase through

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