Psychivism Vs Marxist Perspective

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QUESTION A Marxist Perspective, Its central aim is to provide an empirically well-founded description of phenomenon, to get the social implications; and to illuminate the historical process through which this phenomenon came to exist in the real world. Additionally, its aims at comprehend and explain reality using themes to make analysis and this is confirmed by research. This has methods such as phenomenology and Ethnomethodology. It produces knowledge on a social reality in order to transform it. Therefore understanding reality becomes a main goal to drive the historical process and historical world. However, knowledge is not a sufficient and it must be articulated with a practical process.
Positivist perspective, this is based on a notion
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The social world has to be verified in a purely empirical manner by understanding of empiricism and realist ontology.
Both have a view that the world exists independently of researchers’ knowledge of it and that social phenomena have causal powers on which we can make causal statements.
Both Marxist and positivist stress the need for a rigorous scientific method, for scientific analysis of the social phenomenon and natural world.
However these two perspectives have some traits which make one unique from another and these are discussions as below,
Marxist perspective is more objective that is to say; describes a problem from the point of view of those experiencing the problem whereas positivist perspective is more subjective that is to say; it is interpreted by the researcher about the problem.
Marxist perspective focuses less on empirical study and abstains from a historical explanation of social phenomena but focuses on an epistemological position which is sceptical of the naive perceptions that which lead to a proper understanding of the social world without using theoretical framework whereas positivism focuses on ontological realism and objectivity in understanding the world with value free empirical
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Validation, Marxist perspective evaluates the validity of factual claims or social realities basing on an ideology rather than empirical evidence Whereas Positivist evaluate factual validity of a social phenomenon basing on the statistical results.
Positivist perspective focuses on facts Causalities and fundamental laws and a phenomenon is reduced to the simplest elements whereas Marxist perspective aims at understanding the meaning of events by exploring the totality of each individual case and draw conclusions.
Marxist perspective considers small samples to make analysis in a greater depth or over longer period of time whereas positivist perspective captures bigger samples to make in depth analysis and draw conclusions on a given social
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