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Learning Journal Unit 3
1. What is the title of the text and what is the text about?
The study by Milgram (1963), ‘Behavioral Study of Obedience’, describes how subjects to an experiment respond to orders by authority. The 40 volunteers are tricked into, what they think will be, a memory observation study. Instead, through a game of memory, the volunteers are observed on how they react when the authority tells them to deliver pain on another person. A question is asked by the volunteer to the ‘learner’ who is in the next room and is placed there by Milgram with the purpose to pretend his hurting when shocks are delivered. When the ‘learner’ makes a mistake then the volunteer must deliver a shock as a punishment “Punishment is administered by …show more content…

Have I heard/read anything similar or dissimilar? What was it?
As noted by Fescoe (2016), there are numerous experiments and studies which occupy humans or animals in order to observe their reactions and contribute with the findings to the broader science. A couple of examples enclosed to the list are; The Stanford Prison experiment, Pavlov’s dog experiment and others.
7. Do I agree or disagree with the views expressed by the author? Why?
Experiments are a fundamental tool for the development of science and scientist ought to go beyond mediocre techniques to reach a breakthrough of the already known. The unexpected results are also useful for a better understanding of the human nature. No one would hope for one human being to hurt another, but if that’s in our nature we might as well explore it. All actions are legitimate up until the point the red line, as of where human rights stand, is about to be crossed. Everyone wants to evolve but no one wants to deplore collateral damages on the way to evolution.
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• Milgram, S. (1963). Behavioral Study of obedience.The Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, Vol 67(4), 371-378. Retrieved from

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