A Rumor Of Angels Summary

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1. Introduction A Rumor of Angels is a book written by Peter L. Berger, which is one of his most important works on the topic of the sociology of religion (“A Rumor of Angels: Modern Society and the Rediscovery of the Supernatural”, n.d.). This book analyzes whether there is any theological possibilities and if so, what they are. After reading this book, I have summarized two aspects from one chapter of this book, which is Theological Possibilities: Starting with Man. I will analyze this chapter in terms of history and anthropology. And I will list out five arguments of signals of transcendence according to the author.

2. Key Words: Man, History, Anthropology, Theological Possibilities, Arguments, Signals of Transcendence, Human Reality

3. In Terms of History and Anthropology When analyzing theology, one cannot neglect the importance of history and
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It is the internal aim of the play surpasses the play and the human nature, which leads to the evidence of supernatural ---- the existence of eternity. Therefore, ‘play’ is a signal of transcendence.

4.3 Argument from Hope Human beings look forward to having a brighter future. Based on this kind of hope, people transfer it into the passion of lives and extend it to the future. People want to overcome all difficulties by hope. Therefore, heroes might have courage to face the death. Out of the hope of having a brighter future, people also tend to have denial of the reality of death (we do not want to talk about our death or we deny the death of others that are closed to us). Such denial cannot be explained properly in terms of psychological and moral aspects. According to Berger, any kind of hope as long as it is personal implies an ultimate rejection that is the rejection to death even if it is just an illusion based on human nature. In this case, ‘hope’ is a signal of transcendence.

4.4 The Argument from
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