Theme Of Hope In Animal Farm

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The Extinguished Hope Imagine a single, lonely flame. Its vitality, its survival, depends on you. Now imagine the emotional commitment you have set forth to preserve this oscillating light, this sliver of hope. Now imagine that it wisps out of existence, from one moment to another. Such was what men devoted to communism, like George Orwell, author of the book Animal Farm, might have beheld when facing the despotism in Russia under the charade of communism, and such was the sight of the animals of Animal Farm, when the pigs march out of the farmhouse on two feet, triumphant, as dominators, as humans. Though late in the narrative, multiple factors clearly make this the turning point. It is because of the animal 's protests, the indifference of the pigs, and the sharp contrast the author draws between the mood before and after this scene that this is the turning point where the reader is simultaneously enraged and disappointed. For the first time, the animals want to protest against the pigs ' actions. We are told that immediately after the shock of seeing their leaders contradict their self-proclaimed vision, the animals "... might have uttered some word of protest"(97). It is explicitly stated that the animals would not dare express their opinion in earlier chapters, where some of their peers were silenced by the dogs and then 'justly murdered '; this indicates that they now have a stronger motive to rebel at the moment of the treason. We are also told that the animals wish

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